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by TruAmstaff on 04 July 2013 - 10:07

The Amstaff and APBT should look very similar to one another. Today's representation of the Amstaff is sad compared to what they used to be. They are fat, to overdone (bully) and temperaments are going downhill. In the beginning the men who created Amstaffs, or were creating them did not want them in the show world, for fear they will loose there gameness and just become a show dog. Well there fears have come true, the Amstaff is in the ring today, and thats not a bad thing, but this breed was always intended to be a working dog. Amstaffs should have the conformation, as well as never lacking in gameness. When I say game dog, I dont mean fighting dog, I mean the drive, the will to never give up. This breed is a terrier, should be feisty like a terrier, have drive, and not show tail tucking fear. As far as those three pictures of Amstaff's above, This breed is definitely becoming too bully. I prefer Moderate type, and prefer more Terrier type to Bully type. This breed should not look bully. An Ambully is nothing more then a mixed breed. Thats it.  Shoot all the Game dog Pit Bulls were mostly curs, and bred for things such as underbites to make them better in the pits. While the Amstafff was bred away from Pit Bull's He was still to be a relative of him. This is a piece taken straight from Clifford Ormsby's "The Staffordshire Terrier. This is a piece written by Wilfred T. Brandon
"In my opinion, the Bull Terrier family tree should be classified as follows: 1. The Staffordshire Bull Terrier (The English Pit Bull Terrier) 2. The Staffordshire Terrier (American PIt Bull Terrier) 3. The all white English Bull Terrier and colored Bull Terrier.  There is no getting away from the fact that these dogs all belong to the same family. 


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