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by dhuard on 11 July 2020 - 12:07

I am interested in buying a started/titled GSD from europe however I have some hesitation just "sending money". Are there legitimate brokers or a better process to go about to ensure that my money would not be stolen and I actually get what I think I am getting..... I live in the US.
I would fly to germany and fly back with a GSD however it doesn't seem like that is possible with the pandemic.
I am sure there are more honest people selling dogs in europe but I don't want to be the unlucky one to find that out the hard way.
Does any one have any suggestions ?

by Hired Dog on 11 July 2020 - 13:07

Yep, contact Duke1965 who posts in here regularly. He is legit, he sells dogs to LE agencies, has a good reputation and if I were looking to import, I would not hesitate to contact him or send him money.

by dhuard on 11 July 2020 - 14:07

Thank you!! I will reach out to him.

by Rik on 11 July 2020 - 14:07

I'm sure there are many "honest" breeders, brokers in Europe. the issue is that the chances of a novice interacting with one on the first try can be pretty iffy and there are many instances on here of people making serious, costly mistakes.

I did go to Germany for my first import, but I was very experienced in what I wanted, I was very pleased with my dog and she was a large part of my life for the next 10 years.

I "ordered" up another from the same breeder, she was such a poor example of a GSD, that I placed her in a very good home, lost all monies invested. I would have been ashamed to have sold her to anyone. So results can vary.

I agree with Hired Dog about Duke, just on the evidence that he has been active here many years and if he was not reliable, it would have been revealed long before now.



by TIG on 12 July 2020 - 18:07

Please see previous thread on this issue. I double down on what I said there.


by Hundmutter on 13 July 2020 - 03:07

@ dhuaed: recommend you read the WHOLE of that thred TIG has linked for you; it is only 2 pages, and makes more sense than probably most of the (very many) threds that have appeared on this topic for several years.

by MVirgil on 22 July 2020 - 15:07

I think there are good breeders in all Europe. Not only in Germany. You can ask for information about them on FCI. Or there local asociation. And with all the thehnology you can see your future dog live. The only problem is shiping costs. Verry hight becouse of the pandemia.

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