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Vici z Kurimskeho haje
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Large Family Protection Import $8500
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Service/Therapy Dog Candidate Started $2500
Male for sale


by Kinolog on 15 July 2017 - 18:07

This dog is still listed in the classifieds in at least 3 ads as being "for sale". He has been paid for in full, and we are awaiting shipment.

If anyone has any questions, you may contact me by PM or email:

The breeder FANINO is a PDB member as well.

Please refrain from making assumptions or sending negative comments or I will request that admin delete them.

Thank you.
M. P. Dzerzhinskiy

by rustyandcola on 15 July 2017 - 18:07

He seemed very desperate to sell his dog. Messaged us a few times a day pretty much begging us to buy Lombo. This was after we inquired about him. People have said that he sends the dog, just a month or so after getting payment. We didn't buy Lombo because the whole scenario seemed a tad bit weird, however, I think you have nothing to worry about. Hope that helps.

by Kinolog on 13 October 2017 - 04:10

We did get Lombo two months after paying for him. I was honestly afraid of getting a dog just shy of 10 months. He came to us severely anxious, and we medicated him 2x per day. 2-3 weeks later he settled down quite a bit, and then his personality really started to come out. He is very sweet-natured, and bonded to me quickly. He is a bit big for the show ring, and may not be right for bite sports. Still, it is not difficult to like him, and perhaps he just needs time and encouragement to build up his confidence. He actually is a calm dog that chills out nicely. Perhaps, given time, socialization, training, and positive experiences, he may yet pleasantly surprise me. 


Lombo does very well with other dogs and has no issues with inappropriate aggression. I actually like him very much, and I do not regret getting him. I would have handled some things differently if I knew the breeder would wait until he could ship over several dogs all at once. I really think this needs to be said. Unfortunately, I was coming off of a traumatic loss so I was set up to have negative expectations.

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