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by lauri3 on 24 August 2012 - 05:08

According to the Timitor website the person selling Monaco semen in the U.S. is Terry Cornish!!   Anyone interested in Monaco semen should NOT contact Terry Cornish!!   He is very crooked.  He will take your money and not send you the semen.  Or he may not have completed all the paperwork with the AKC and puppies will not be able to be registered.   He has a history of keeping the breeding fees instead of sending it to the owners, so they won't sign the litter registration paperwork.   He has a history of selling puppies and then not shipping the puppy to the buyers.   He has sold or tried to sell dogs that he did not own.   He has participated in the importing of several fraudulent dogs from Yugoslavia/ Serbia over the past several years with his friend Ruben Lorenzo.   There is no reason to believe that things will be different in this case.   He owes LOTS of people money!!   The FBI have been investigating him.   DO NOT TRUST TERRY CORNISH!!   DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH TERRY CORNISH!!


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