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by Awstang on 02 July 2008 - 16:07

Im just geting into breeding Rottys, Ive owned and loved them for about 12 years and having about 7 Rotts in my life but all rescued, adopted or never bred.

I have had my male sence birth for 2 years now and hes tall, savvy, Black and Mahogany, short nose fat head and still isnt done growning.
Now im on the hunt for a female sence my male turned out to be my perfect little man, I purchased him with the intent of breeding so i spent a good amount to guarentee what i got! Now im after a femal with a little extra (also have ad up here) but Sence he has no pups on the ground can he still be placed up for stud? or is that just pointless and should i wait untill hes got pictures to prove his offspring?

Thank you, new to this world- Aut

by sportdog on 13 August 2008 - 22:08

Hello, If you have a male you are going to consider using as a stud you need to have his hips,elbows, heart and eyes certified clear for other breeders if them would want to use him. If not good luck on selling his pups unless the buyers do not care. I would also like to see working titles on the stud and also be able to test him in bite work myself , if I where going to consider breeding to him.

by srilankagsd on 21 August 2008 - 22:08

Is it possible to post a link of your male. Make sure that you get a female to match your male. There was an ad by felsinger kennels few days back for a 4 yr old bitch (imported from serbia), she looks like a good start for you.

by vomOK9 on 23 August 2008 - 22:08

What is your reasoning behind wanting to become a breeder? What goals do you have and are you breeding to improve the working ability in the dog? The reason I ask this is do to so many B.S. breeders who breed for money. If you think money is the reason to breed then forget it. A reputable breeder takes time to study and learn everything possible about the breed they intend on breeding. Most well know breeders put more money into it then what they get out of it. I don't intend on pushing you away from breeding but I couldn't help notice that you have had a few rescued rotts so I'm sure the last thing you would want is to be taking dogs to a shelter. I have seen this time and time again, breeders not being able sale all the pups in the litter and as they get a little older they end up with more than they can handle and the dog ends up at a local shelter or dumped off somewhere. Be sure you have extra room for those you can't get rid of. Good Luck to you with what ever your decisions are.

by petchiro on 16 September 2008 - 15:09

I agree with eveyone's post. Breeding should not be taken lightly. You definately need to do all your health screens and you need to be able to assess your male with a critical eye. No dog is perfect but you should be able to see his flaws and his good points and breed appropriately. My personal belief is that it is NOT unethical to breed a fault...all dogs have them. What is un-ethical is not DISCLOSING the faults you are breeding! Be honest! I also like to see working titles. There are many working venues to choose from. I personally compete in agility with my dogs and breed for a smaller dog for that purpose. Right now is a VERY difficult time to sell pups since the economy is so bad. I still have 2 males with great working drive that I have not yet placed and will be posting them on this site shortly. Your male has to be out and about competing or showing for bitch pwners to even know he exists. Anybody with a quality bitch will not respond to an ad in a newspaper or some other venue without titles to back him up.


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