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by Rottenboy on 01 January 2008 - 02:01

I am new to this site. In the mid 80's I had a fantasic Rott that had Ives Eulenspiegal on the dams side and sires side. She was imported from Germany by a women named Jacobs. That is all I remember. This dogs kennel name was Hohenschramberg (sp?).  I would dearly love to find any info on this kennel that I can. She was a courageous girl that I was forced to sell.

I would love to hear from someone as it appears not many respond to this site. Happy new year to all.

by vomHöllenGatter on 02 January 2008 - 11:01



I did not find any info on the kennel you mentioned but if you are interested in getting a rott with Ives lines look into Hassan Konigsgarten and dingo swaiger wappen lines. Hassan's line is predominantly carried forward by his son Chris obergrombacher schloss and Irk Obergrombacher schloss some of the moden greats from this line are Orlando Vom Hause Neubrand and Ramzes crni lotos. With resepect to Dingo his line is propogated mainly by the offspring of the great Doc Teufelsbrucke through his sons like Rick Burgthan and Chan Bleichstrasse. Hope this helps.




by Rottenboy on 03 January 2008 - 00:01

Thank you very much for your response. I got as far as Dingo Swaiger Wappen but I will continue this search.  Are these lines good working lines?  I am starting over and do not know what has happened in Germany as far as working lines.  Have they split as the gsd has, working or show?
The girl I had was fantastic.  I never say a dog is totally without fear but her recovery was as good and quick as I have ever seen.  I loved this dog, she just always amazed me.  She was not the perfect dog in structure, she had been evaluated as probably bieng a SG at best, but her temperament and working qualities were what made the dog for me.  I am very ignorant as to what has happened to this breed in the last 25 years so any help is appreciated. 

Again, thank you, I was beginning to think all Rottie people had died off.

by vomHöllenGatter on 03 January 2008 - 12:01

Not if you are buying an ADRK pup. ADRK is prob the strictest breed club in the world with very stringent requirements for breeding. You can rest assured that if you are buying a ADRK pup it comes from good working parents.

A lot of Serbian and basically european countries are coming to the forefront. I personally like the Hassan and Dingo lines. Hassan lines are starting to dominate now though. Another very highly rated working line is that of Bulli Hungerbhul the first ADRK seiger but i personally am not too fond of this particular line because of the heads they produce. This years seiger was also the V1 in the working class at the ADRK he is Ben vom Langen Grund a Orlando son. Last year's seiger was a cliff konigskanzel son, cliff apparently produces phenomenal working drives but i personally despise the heads of his progeny(Bulli Line).

 A good starting point will be the following links lemme know if u need anything else.

this is the link to the latest IFR world championship with the scores of each dog

also check out and their rottweiler section has loads of info abt lines, and studs.

by Rottenboy on 03 January 2008 - 22:01

Again, thank you for your time and information!  I love researching working lines and pedigrees.  When you mention the faulty heads how do you see them as not desireable?  Do the working lines still dock tails or is this something that effects all lines.  There was no such thing as a long tailed Rottie years ago. Personally I like them docked, but is this a thing of the past?  I guess I have a lot of reading and catching up to do.
I am curious what " great drives" means today.  In the GSD it usually means over the top prey drive desired in Schutzhund, but not the main concern in " man work " for example. Personally I like well balanced drives with good fight drive for sure backed by confidence and courage.
The total package.  Thanks for the sites you listed, looking forward to investigatiny them.

by vomHöllenGatter on 04 January 2008 - 11:01

Well the heads arent 'faulty' they are just not to my liking check cliff konigskanzel progeny ull know what im talking about, i like short strong muzzles with wide craniums. anyways fci has banned docking so all european rotts are gonna be with tails. Drive for me is working drive wanting to work obdience, tracking and protection. Plus being psychologically tough and being able to take a lot of mental pressure that makes a great working dog imo.

by Rottenboy on 07 January 2008 - 22:01


I have sent you a PM.

by Rottieexpress on 17 February 2009 - 03:02

My bitch is from these lines

Nova Crni Lotos.

I'm looking to breed her in June'09.  I'm looking for the right working stud with the strong headtype and body that this is in this line.

I have a couple in mind but still looking.


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