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 Coat?LarizeMagnum1226107 hours ago by LarizeMagnum >> (goto)
 To Request Edit RightsGSDHeritage798729 hours ago by GSDHeritage >> (goto)
 Trip Down Memory Lane - pages | 2| Sunsilver1603152 days ago by Diamondgal >> (goto)
 Berger Picard/Picardy ShepherdDiamondgal87434 days ago by Diamondgal >> (goto)
 Ever wonder why your dog entry disappears?GSDHeritage875125 days ago by GSDHeritage >> (goto)
 Vucan von Peroh - pages | 2| ANordquist2410167 days ago by txarkoeta >> (goto)
 Split heat??Juno1187138 days ago by Juno11 >> (goto)
 Land treadmill for degenerative myelopathy?Juno11138898 days ago by Klossbruhe >> (goto)
 what is the difference in these 2 drives................ - pages | 2| Rik28081512 days ago by Hired Dog >> (goto)
 a question for the LE posters here, or others.......Rik2607102 weeks ago by GSCat >> (goto)
 EmploymentDebutShepherds237633 weeks ago by GSCat >> (goto)
 fading puppy syndrome - questions to ask the breeder - pages | 2| tmccoy826298153 weeks ago by Rivalt Kennels >> (goto)
 AI-Based Dog Breed Identifieranimaldirect221524 weeks ago by Hundmutter >> (goto)
 Thoughts on X-ray of hips? - pages | 2| dea12197287144 weeks ago by Rik >> (goto)
 Opinion pedigreetxarkoeta186214 weeks ago by txarkoeta >> (goto)
 can every dog be trained for personal protection - pages | 2| 3| 4| duke196512079374 weeks ago by Koots >> (goto)
 Elbow Dysplasia and breedingDenee0611320974 weeks ago by Rik >> (goto)
 ED Prognosisrakeshausky289145 weeks ago by Rik >> (goto)
 inconsistently removing pedigreesJmac4pres243815 weeks ago by Jmac4pres >> (goto)
 new young talent, Larry Ben-Ju - pages | 2| 3| 4| duke196511325385 weeks ago by duke1965 >> (goto)


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