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by girl4audit on 13 September 2007 - 15:09

Confiscated from a abusive and neglectful home.He has a permenant limp,(from being kicked), and a major mental issue with people. But he's still my perfect little guy. The former owners bought him from out of state somewhere to breed with their female. Somehow lost or some thing with his papers, then @ the age of 3.5 months tied him up in the back yard. When I got him he was 6.5 lbs. and matted from head to tail. Had to shave him bald.I took 3-5 bath for the smell to go away.Now wieghs in @ a whopping 14.8 lbs. He still shakes so bad when strangers are around that you can fix a milkshake  from the shaking. But with the family he is now a very active, playful, loving dog. His best friend is a 86lb German Shepherd. Tell me what you think and/or advise. Thanks for reading !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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