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Novak Z Timberridge
Novak Z Timberridge
Posted: 8 hours ago
by LiPope
Novaks Embark results:
BJ's Tank
BJ's Tank
Posted: 2 days ago
by AkitaPedigrees
AKC Name: BJ's Tank
CKC Name: JB's Tank
Beautiful Dog! So proud to have his son as my dog , mine is named Tony Grodu Rama and looks just like his father and grandfather
Sachem Creed Lamphere
Sachem Creed Lamphere
Posted: 3 days ago
by GSDHeritage
This Panda color dog is registered with AKC as Blue

DN60864605 Sachem Creed Lamphere
(German Shepherd Dog)
Color: Blue
Sex/Whelp Date: Male / JAN-04-2020
Priyas Rubina
Priyas Rubina
Posted: 3 days ago
by Priyas Kennel
Progeny of ETOO Rock's
Moved from Breed report section

Deutscher Jugend-Champion VDH - BOB - BOS - BOS - CACIB Jugendsieger

Also moved this from general info section....

Youtube King vom Sutumer Grund "LOU" hat schon viele Siege für sich verbuchen können und besticht neben seinem lieben Charakter durch sein reinweißes, glattes Haarkleid, seinen eleganten Ausdruck, sein raumgreifendes Gangwerk, Führigkeit, Wachsamkeit und absolute Treue! Er hat dunkle, mandelförmige Augen ein kräftiges Scherengebiß, vollzahnig mit dunklen Lefzen.
"LOU" ist ein Allroundhund, egal ob als Sporthund, Showhund oder als Familienhund. Er besitzt ein sehr ausgeprägten Beute- und Spieltrieb, weshalb wir im Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde (SV) e. V. im seine gewünschte Auslastung bieten (Gebrauchshundesport IGP)
Er hat die Zuchttauglichkeitsprüfung am 18.07.2020 bestanden. Formwert: Vorzüglich Wesen: Vorzüglich

Deutscher Jugend-Champion VHD
BOB Hanse Cup RWS 2020
BOS Nordlicht RWS 2020
BOS Summer Night Light Show RWS 2020
CACIB Kassel Jugendsieger 2019
sowie mehrere V1 Bewertungen in Jugend-, Zwischen- und Offene Klasse bei RWS-Spezialausstellungen
Posted: 10 days ago
by raul horacio
Rolls-Royce du val de vaast
Rolls-Royce du val de vaast
Posted: 11 days ago
by vanderplaetsen
propriétaire: Mr TESSARI Alfredo
<span style="color: darkred">SG</span> Extreme Orex Aykmar <span style="color: darkblue">IPO3 (V - WUSV WM)</span> by stonewall865
Extreme Orex Aykmar - WUSV 2017 2nd place - 93,93,96 total 282 points
<span style="color: darkred">CH</span> Sabbath Vom Hismerh
CH Sabbath Vom Hismerh
Posted: 2 weeks ago
by DesHausRaben
This male is owned by amber hayes of vom nachthund and Kolbie Ricketts of Des Hausraben
This dog has been sold.
Posted: 3 weeks ago
by Amro game
Who owns this dog?
METPOL CADELORA KIRI - SHANNON POLICE DOG <span style="color: darkblue">PD</span> by mrdarcy
Moved from Breed Report/survey

METPOL CADELORA KIIRI - Call name SHANNON, was bred at Metropolitan Police dog Training Establishment, Layhams road, Kent, UK, She was the prodgeny of Sire Metpol Lincon KC REG q1581701q01 (hips 4/3) and Dam Metpol Juliet KC REG T0742806T01 ,(hips 5/3) METPOL CADELORA KIRI / SHANNON was Born 31st March 1995. No medical problems. Good hips.

And also from General info

METPOL CADELORA KIIRI - Call name SHANNON, was bred at Metropolitan Police dog Training Establishment, Layhams road, Kent, UK, She was the progeny of Sire Metpol Lincon KC REG q1581701q01 (hips 4/3) and Dam Metpol Juliet KC REG T0742806T01 ,(hips 5/3) METPOL CADELORA KIRI / SHANNON was Born 31st March 1995. SHANNON died on 19th May 2009 aged 14 years, 7 weeks and 1 day. Simply unreplaceable.
Shannon was a first class dog. She was a very kind loving and extremely intelligent dog. A Great family dog. Easy to handle, very protective and absolutely 100% trustworthy, a very sound and steady dog that was very level headed who had good tracking and finding capabilities and a sense of humour. . Best Friend of Border collie sheepdog Holly and Police German Shepherd dog West Mids Odele/opal Ranger.
Moved from Breed Reports

West Mids Odele/Opal (AH2) Ranger was the progeny of a breeding in or around 10th January 2007 between Tunstall Arnie (AB4) (Max 198) REG: AB04342205 (hips 5/5) and Vongalanberg Baxa (AF1) AKA West Mids Baxa. REG: AFO1029405 (hips 10/6). West Mids Odele/Opal (AH2) Ranger and her siblings were born on 16th March 2007. A litter of strong smooth coated black and tan puppies went on to be top Metropolitan Police dogs.

Also from General info,

Ranger was the Progeny of Metropolitan Police dog Sire Tunstall Arnie (AH4) (Max 198) REG: AB04342205 and West Mids Police dog Dam Vongalanberg Baxa (West Mids Baxa) REG: AFO1029405, obtained from West Mids Police. Litter became known as West Mids litter Litter Bred at Metropolitan Police dog Training Establishment Layhams road, Keston, Kent, UK, in January 2007. Ranger was born on 16th March 2007. She was allocated to us on . 24th May 2007. Ranger Passed away on 22nd October 2019 aged 12 years, 7 months and 6 days. .
Ranger was a Short coated Black and Tan Police Dog. Working dog with level back, excellent hips. No leg problems Extremely courageous, protective and very strong. Always on guard while remaining very caring, Very high intelligence, with a sense of humour. Top dog, very outgoing and powerful, Excellent man work and tracking, dedicated and loyal. Her bark was exceptional. Could deal with any situation thrown at her. She never gave up and would try until succcessful. Loved travel in car and motorhome, loved watching football and wildlife programs on TV, showed an interest in other wildlife she encountered. Our best friend, much loved and missed and simply unreplaceable. The dog I always wanted.
Ranger formed a firm friendship when first introduced with our much loved then aged 12 years GSD Cadelora Kiri (WO344406W01) - call name Shannon born 31st March 1995 (who was daughter of a litter from Sire Metpol Lincoln KC REG Q1581701Q01 and Dam Metpol Juliet KC REG T0742806T01. Shannon died 19th May 2009 Aged 14 years, 6 weeks and .6 days.
Tunstall Arnie <span style="color: darkblue">POLICE DOG</span>
Tunstall Arnie POLICE DOG
Posted: 5 weeks ago
by Met Ranger
Tunstall Arnie (AB4) Metropolitan Police dog REG AB04342205 was bred with Vongalanberg Baxa (AF1) AKA West Mids Baxa REG AF01029405 10th January 2007, and a litter was born on 16th March 2007. West Mids odele/opal call name 'Ranger' REG AHO1926905 was one of the progeny that turned out to be a first class highly intelligent very capable and beautiful police dog. Search west miids odele/opal ranger for a look at the dog that everyone who saw her said 'what a beautiful dog' and for further details.
<span style="color: darkred">CH</span> Purvas Jeck
CH Purvas Jeck
Posted: 5 weeks ago
by Priyas Kennel
Wonderful producer
Marc de Badarozas
Marc de Badarozas
Posted: 5 weeks ago
by mgs99
@sheperdace The dog is located in Mexico and you can contact the owner through FB page "Del Roble Pastor Aleman"
Jireh Rynn
Jireh Rynn
Posted: 6 weeks ago
by KyaWya8
Our Shepherds are sisters from another mother! Ikea’s father is also Black Bear Von Trump :)
Casper De Scele <span style="color: darkblue">BH IGP1</span>
Casper De Scele BH IGP1
Posted: 6 weeks ago
by DuganVomEichenluft
Handsome fella


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