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by Sarah L on 06 October 2015 - 16:10

The last post on this subject was some time ago but I want to let you know what happened to my dog. I bought her from "Dominic" in March 2009. 24 hour later she was desperately ill, vomiting, diarrohea with blood. Luckily I have an excellent vet. It transpired she had campylobacter and giardia. We were both in quarantine for two weeks. She recovered eventually and is a lovely dog with the sweetest nature although quite highly strung for a lab.

At that time, my vet discovered that her first vaccines were faked so I had to have all those redone once she was well enough.

Then in 2013 she started limping - her cruciate ligament. She had surgery and of course it's a good six month careful recovery.

In April this year, 2015, she started limping again and my vet referred us to a good orthopaedic surgeon. Her x-rays show that all the joints in her front legs are sclerotic - basically it's arthritis. No walks, no playing with other dogs for a while. Ultimately I have to decide whether to put her on medication long term (which unfortunately usually causes kidney and other problems) and limit her lifestyle or let her roar around as she longs to do which will mean most likely a shortened life.

We must all be very careful when buying our dogs. Before I even bought mine, I visited the place in Lenham Heath/Charing and it looked well kept and the dogs looked fine. I realise now they were just show runs and kennels. I gather from someone in my area - we met at the vets - that she bought a pup there too who has health issues. Apparently they were taken away from the mum at 4 weeks and fed a communal bowl which may account for the reason that mine, as a tiny puppy, growled at me when I walked nearby her bowl as she fed.

I would like to make sure that guy doesn't operate as a breeder again.

by Nans gsd on 06 October 2015 - 18:10

Hi Sarah: really sorry to hear about your misfortune. Always have to watch who you buy from and of course, always nice to have a referral from someone that has bought from said breeder. Hope he has a long and healthy life with you. Reason I am writing you is I have an older Samoyed boy 9 l/2 years that has some arthritis also; not sure exactly where or why but have him on VetionX which I used many times before for various types of old injury, arthritis, many other dogs also. It is a natural anti inflammatory which does not usually cause any type internal problems; I start them out slow, 2 times per day over their food, it is all natural and usually no long term liver/kidney problems like western med's.

I have also tried their med's for pain control and I usually only have to leave them on that for a very short period of time. Also a pretty strong anti inflammatory liquid you just add a bit to their food. The pain control med's called Promaxol and Arthro-ionx which I have used for about the last 5-6 years; these two products are the ones I like from this company the best. Also had great luck with Arthroplex (by thorne) and had great luck with. If your dog is going to suffer with arthritis and you will want to keep him as active and pain free as possible you may want to try these products. The artritis one you will need to keep him on it probably for the rest of his life if you find it helpful to him. Long term I have not seen any bad reprecussions. You can pull it up and order on-line from VetionX direct. I ordered the large horse size bottle for my 65 pound boy as I do feel you can save a little money that way. Best of luck Nan


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