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by luna4306 on 02 June 2013 - 22:06


Name is Devin and I am a brand new ower of a Kerry Blue (female) puppy.  I have many years (20) experience with animal in general as I am an registered veterinary technician.   I have tons of questions for anyone who may be able to help.  The breeder I purchased the puppy from is not picking up the phone, nor is the emails going through like they once did before I picked up my new puppy.  I live in Cleveland Ohio and have a 5 month old Miniature Schnauzer, which they are doing smashingly together. I have already taken my new pup to the vet (I got her 5/24/2013) and she is 10 months old.  She had eye infection, UTI and Coccidia. I tried contacting the breeder to make sure the other puppies got treatment, there were 4 other females she was selling.  I am glad I have my vast knowledge and was smart enough to take care of the pup fast and she is making a nice recovery.  If you know about the breed (having them would help) please contact me.
Thank you in advance,
Devin E Myers


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