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Biggest topics over the years - Year: 2021

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53 Which breed makes the best working dog for detection and protection work?
Main38 new young talent, Larry Ben-Ju
Main37 can every dog be trained for personal protection
German Shepherd Dog35 Pedigree help - Should I get this puppy?
Main27 Understanding genetics , please help me understand.
Main27 Interesting article on processed pet foods.............
Main26 Importing a dog from europe - questions and concerns
Main25 experience with embark testing
Main24 My boy
23 Serbian Breeder (Nikola Petrovic Kennel Brabus)
Main23 At it again:(
German Shepherd Dog23 What do you think about this pedigree?
Main20 What type of work should I do with him 8 months old. His pedigree
Main20 Scam?
Main19 an allergy story for anyone interested............
Main18 Two male working line Shepherds in the same house ?
Main18 Time To Go
Main17 fading puppy syndrome - questions to ask the breeder
Main16 Seresto Flea Collars Linked to Almost 1700 Pet Deaths
Main16 Vucan von Peroh
German Shepherd Dog15 Origin?
Main15 OFA X ray assessment practice
Main15 what is the difference in these 2 drives................
Main15 Trip Down Memory Lane
Main14 Thoughts on X-ray of hips?
German Shepherd Dog14 Is donating a Puppy/Dog to a disabled person Tax Deductible?
Main13 Heading to Germany, Advice welcome : )
German Shepherd Dog13 Any Products to Stop Sod/Grass/Dirt Eating?
German Shepherd Dog12 Ani vom Kalibeck —-Lil’ Bit——
Main12 From a breeder re: why they don't X ray hips/elbows
German Shepherd Dog12 Studs that produce pups with testicular issues
Main11 Genetic test for degenerative myelopathy
German Shepherd Dog11 Condolences on Jiri Novotny passing RIP
Main10 Coat?
Main10 Doberman ear posting snag
Main10 a question for the LE posters here, or others.......
German Shepherd Dog9 Mating Outcome of Mating Outcome?
Conformation Showing9 Show results A, EZ , U , T , K
Main9 Land treadmill for degenerative myelopathy?
Scams / Ripoff reports8 JUDY MALONE, Diana, TX
Newcomers8 Bloodline Help
Training and Obedience8 Off lead obedience with switch on switch
Main8 How to report someone that registered my dog?
Main8 Shipping from Serbia to Chicago
Main8 buying a new female from Hungary
Main8 Ears never went up
Main7 Elbow Dysplasia and breeding
Main7 Litter Worming and Vaccinations
Doberman Pinscher7 Anyone Out There?
Main7 reply to HD. dog in avatar............
Main7 Raw video no edit 11 month male working with environmental pressure
Newcomers6 Breeding Ban on SV for German Export
German Shepherd Dog6 Reputable Midwest Breeders
German Shepherd Dog6 Pedigree Opinion
Main6 any thoughts for these hips?
Main6 Titling our showline female
Main6 Doberman
Main6 cddy/ivdd type i ivdd GSD?
Main6 List of frozen semen ?
Scams / Ripoff reports5 Anrebri Kennels, bought 2 puppies, no export papers & doesn't return emails/phone calls
Scams / Ripoff reports5 Incorrect OFA ratings posted
Newcomers5 Registering dogs on pedigree database
German Shepherd Dog5 Advice on Naming a Kennel
German Shepherd Dog5 Edit rights
Main5 Thoughts
Training and Obedience5 RH Title and Tracking Question?
Main5 Tart Cherry Extract & Green Lipid Mussel
Main5 Dogs with weak pasterns. Before and after photos.
Main5 How do I delete a pic the old owner posted as a manager of the dog
Training and Obedience5 Any recommended Dog Trainers in Dallas? (Board n Train)
German Shepherd Dog4 In search of Javier vom Talka Marda Studs in the US or Canada???
German Shepherd Dog4 umbilical hernias in puppy's
German Shepherd Dog4 Someone is using another dogs photo for their dogs pedigree
Main4 ED Prognosis
Main4 Degenerative myelopathy in Czech working lines??
Main4 Login and staying logged in troubles. Plus some security enhancements.
Main4 Hip X Ray Opinions Please
Main4 Anyone heard of Wojtek Razniak ? Good or bad
Main4 Sonoline
Newcomers3 Double checking data entered
German Shepherd Dog3 Adding a new female to our breeding program
Main3 Recommend Euro Transporter to USA?
Main3 Berger Picard/Picardy Shepherd
Main3 Split heat??
Main3 Whelping my first litter
Main3 Anyone have experience with Petr Spurny? (Irpeden Kennels, K-9 Specialists)
Main3 WGSL Breeders
Main3 Help
Main3 The Rabies Challenge Fund research study
Main3 Awakening the beast
Main3 Employment
Sport/working Enthusiasts2 Odin vom Dustergrund (SV)
Newcomers2 how to add your kennel to breeders section ?
German Shepherd Dog2 How to read pedigree?
Main2 What do you think of the pedigree?
Main2 AI-Based Dog Breed Identifier
Main2 To Request Edit Rights
Main2 Ever wonder why your dog entry disappears?
Main2 the SV Database questions


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