Simple pedigree chart for Pretorium Just U Are It (985154)

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Simple pedigree chart for CH AU Pretorium Just U Are It

CH AU Pretorium Just U Are It
(ANKC2100186772 (ROI 15/107289))
AU CH Macullen Jack Flash
CH Rosetta/JR Red Mustang
AU CH Hocuspocus Too Stroke
Gayregal Jackpot
AUS CH. Gayregal Summer Wine
Tiroan/jr Watawa
Nerremen Cooee
AU CH Rosetta/JR Resilience
CH Coleann Brown Lagar
AUS CH. Chumcreek/Jr Shandy
AU CH Rosetta/JR Radiance
CH. Patchilla Mitzy
Broughton Miss Clemntine
Broughton Mr. Jay Walker
Pretorium Just Emmos Boy
Myrmidon Jack Emmo
Myrmidon Jack Clancy
Michaelmas Feather
Vanderbilt Miss Daisy
Pretorium Just Gabbie
Malung/JR Moonshine
Nerremen Nugget
AU CH Myrmidon Jack Nika
CH Myrmidon Jack Nikki
AU CH Pretorium Just Reana
CH Mahkoolma Jack Idol
Chumcreek/jr Regalprince
AUS CH. Malung Jim Beam
Malung Morag
Beacon Hills Muffin
Daloes Max
(ANKCJR2953 )
Carry On Olly
AU CH Malung/JR Moyra
CH Chumcreek/jr Jims Idol
Chumcreek Possum
(JR9815 )
AU CH Swynford/jr Merinda
AU CH Malung Niniane Swynford
CH Mahkoolma Jack Neewa
AU CH Mahkoolma Jack Man
AUCH Malung Orinoko
Malung Morag
AU CH Malung/JR Moyra
AU CH Swynford/jr Merinda
Mahkoolma Jack Dawn
Mahkoolma Jack Gold Pin
AU CH Malung/JR Moyra
AUST CH Myrmidon Jack Rika
Malung/JR Moonshine
Myrmidon Jack Nyx


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