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by Juno11 on 10 May 2021 - 10:05

My female is 10 1/2 and still in tact. I plan on having her spayed once the covid lock down is over.
She had a heat a month ago that was light. She had the usual blood that tappers to a pinkish colour and that was it. Our male was still very interested in her even though there wasn't any blood or discharge.
Last week she was on and off her food. She was her usual wound up self when going in the car for a run. She doesn't have diarrhea and no vomiting but might be drinking a bit more than usual.
Last night she was licking herself a lot and this morning there was quite a bit of blood on her bedding. The bleeding looks to have stopped and her temperature is 102.3. She ate breakfast but is definitely off. I have a vet appt. tomorrow.
Does anyone know what this might be? Could it be a split heat? Pyometra?



by Rik on 10 May 2021 - 11:05

I would suspect pyo, because of the recent heat but good you are getting her to the vet. they can tell you that quickly.

I have dealt with it a couple of times, there can be a discharge but not always. also, I'm pretty sure in my dogs it came on sooner than a month after heat.

good luck,

by Juno11 on 10 May 2021 - 18:05

I insisted she be looked at today. She has open pyometra. She did not have vomiting or a temperature and went for a good run last night and she was her normal self.
Surgery is tomorrow morning.


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