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by Gwyny P on 16 August 2021 - 15:08

Alla Zorikova Alla Zorikova / Top German Shepherd Puppies for Sale Los Angeles CA
These are the website names Alla Zorikova had or is using.

The name Alla Zorikova only came to me after my problems began and I started scouring the web for any information about German Shepherds.

I wanted to share my experience to add to those mentioned by others in this forum from July 26, 2021. (Alla had commented on Sasa Nenedov.)

And to help prevent anyone else from suffering with this person.

Our experience with this breeder, Alla Zorikova has been extremely negative.

Particularly since May 2021 when it became apparent she does not intend to send our pedigree papers.

Though she seems to go by Wanda, Vanda, Sveta, Olivia, Von Schutz Kennels and Von Markgraf Kennels, she told me her name was Sveta and that is the name I have always used in our numerous texts.

There has been no correction on her part.

This is my 7th German Shepherd in addition to 2 litters with our first girl; I am very familiar with the breed, conformation and characteristics.

We paid $3900 cash for a female pup in December 2020.

Sveta has not and will not send the pedigree papers for our puppy who was whelped October 28, 2020.

The alleged sire, Lucka von Buchenland is supposedly in Germany.
First Sveta claimed an overseas delay.

Then Sveta said the papers arrived and someone other than her signed for them and she had to start the process over again.

I have asked for our papers 11 times.

Each request was met with a new excuse for the delay until recently; she says she has the papers . . . however she refuses to send them to us; over 9 months later.

We very much wanted a rescue dog, but the 12 we auditioned specified, NO cats, NO kids, NO other dogs.

We opted for a new puppy to fit in with the rest of our existing tribe of cats, young grand kids and a small 2nd dog.

Saturday May 15th, Sveta asked me for a full one page review and pictures for her attorney telling how lovely our dog is.

I agreed to write a letter.

Sunday May 16th, she asked if the letter was ready yet.

When I said I would be happy to send her the letter after our contract was consummated and we had the pedigree in hand, she responded, QUOTE = "And no, thank you. I do not need any declarations from you, I have another happy customers. I truly believe that will believe best if you return dog. By our contract you must."

As for the contract, it was hand crafted, mostly empty and not a standard Dog Sale Contract.

She asked me to sign it then she filled in a few things, shots info and omitted the cost paid.

She had Security People and construction workers milling around the whole time.

I was allowed to photograph it and she did not give me a paper copy . . . yet another red flag, but I really wanted that Christmas puppy.

In that same text fest, I mentioned we took our puppy for her 5 month shots and for a micro-chip = which also was not provided, though it was promised in the website.

Since the vet was still escorting pets into the facility while owners remain outside, the Dr. called to share a concern about our dog's gait, hocks and hips.

I mentioned this to Sveta and she became so irate, she could hardly type straight.
This really set her off.

She said, QUOTE = "Hips exam taken at 24 months. That the time when dogs actually have 'hips', joints are NOT connected . . . "

Sveta insisted I was not to have anyone look at or evaluate the dog without her present and now claims QUOTE = "you have broken contract and mis-treated the dog and the contract states the dog will be repossessed."

She followed up with QUOTE = "the papers are being filed by attorney now."

That was 2 months ago.
She has threatened the same 3 times since then and again on August 13th.

It was that date that I filed a negative GOOGLE Review.
Alla replied within minutes of it going live.
Before long, she had removed her websites.

I tried to do a YELP Review, but she was not on YELP.

Did you know you can add a business to YELP ?

She is on there now.

Her attitude has worsened measurably since May as she keeps insisting on meeting to evaluate our dog's hips or have videos sent to her.

She has repeatedly threatened to repossess our dog, while falsely claiming we are negligent.

I have continued to politely request our pedigree papers.

A friend asked if I had GOOGLED her.
When I did, the picture became clear.

I never had her name as Alla Zorikova because the website + reviewers refer to Wanda, Vanda and Olivia as the breeder they dealt with . . . apparently no one really knows her name.

I simply mentioned some of the online findings to her and now she is threatening to sue me for QUOTE = "slander, libel or defamation."
Though I did not SAY or WRITE the things, she is threatening me with punishment.

Our doggy is lovely and papers are of no consequence unless we were to breed the girl.

Though that was our hope, it is apparent that is no longer an option.
We have chosen to spay her now that she has finished her heat cycle.

Since you practically have to buy pedigree puppies in the womb, I should have known it was too good to be true to find German Shepherd Puppies available the week before Christmas, even for $3700 per the webpage, though she charged us $3900.

'Sveta' or whatever her name du jour has repeatedly told me I am not to contact her again with her all capital CEASE AND DESIST commentaries . . . then she reaches back and communicates with me, wanting to meet the dog and evaluate her.

How can you evaluate a dog before 24 months if they have no hips or joints ?
How can a dog even WALK with no hips or joints ?

I assured her that due to her argumentative demeanor and litigious nature, I have no intention of meeting her anywhere for any reason.

Since this entire debacle is in writing via texts, (now transferred to PDF + paper) I have referred to the details including her use and misuse of words to assure their veracity here.

Though I only dealt with her and a woman who took my deposit, Sveta insists there are 5 people texting on her phone and she is not responsible for the content.

We are left to believe the papers don't exist and who knows who the sire is.

Can you even falsely claim a German Sire then not be in trouble with that sire's owner ?

How can I reach out to Lucka's owner to confirm or deny this heritage ?

Since I mentioned our dog was spayed, Sveta had gone silent.

THEN = within moments of my 8.13.21 review going live, she responded via text that she is suing me for repossession of HER dog and also $50,000 demanded to be paid in damages . . . then said I was blocked from responding.

I didn't respond, so I don't know if that was true.

THEN = her websites went to "this site can't be reached."

THEN = resurfaced as 'Top German Shepherd Puppies for Sale Los Angeles, CA'

Same address as where I picked up my pup.
New 1.800 number.

Now, she claims to have over 10 years experience instead of 5 years experience in the old websites; I suspect because I accused her of merely being a novice with 5 years in the business.

Someone mentioned the Barstow Desert lawsuit.

It would explain why the puppy pictures on her websites are always in a dessert environment and have dry crusty noses.

Perhaps having her real name will help others with that homework as I never had it until I saw the BUSTED Von Markgraf Article in the desert and that was after so many months of not receiving our pedigree papers.

I have been in contact with Bryan Pease, the animal rights attorney in charge of that case.

He suggested we file a police report to continue the documentation of the fraud issues he is aware of regarding her.

I highly recommend doing your homework BEFORE engaging with this "breeder."

I hope this information circulates and saves someone else looking to buy a German Shepherd Puppy from her clutches.

Frankly, I will never again deal with anyone who isn’t clear and legible in conversation or the written word.

We switched to 9 months of texting because she was too difficult to understand over the phone.

That is why I have the entire relationship and her numerous threats all in writing.

Now, I have to wonder if she is planning to “repossess” our pup while we are not home.

This one person is doing more harm to the good breeders of the world than anything I can imagine.

There must be a way you can band together to put a stop to her behaviors which are so destructive to all breeders.

I am 64 and likely this is my last baby dog to enjoy.
Alla Zorikova has completed ruined the entire experience.


by Hundmutter on 17 August 2021 - 03:08

Sorry to say I don't know that there are any possibilities for 'banding together'  to put a stop to (any) greeders making life miserable for puppy buyers, 'Gwyny'. Stick around here long enough and you'll see time and again that regular contributors moan frequently that, no matter what is said on here to expose bad practice and encourage people to do 'due diligence' before they purchase, many refuse to think it can happen to them, and go ahead regardless. Sheer numbers and scale ensure this will still go on - do you have any idea just how many GSD pups are produced ? By how many people, worldwide ?

You have done what can be done; you have brought your concerns here and they will stay on file for people to read. (You could also use the 'social media' pages to widen the spread).  But that can only help someone else who researches carefully before they commit to buying a dog or pup, and gains enough basic knowledge of the breed to know what they are looking for, and what sends up red flags, from before their search. It doesn't help much with 'buyer-remorse'; finding out after you have the dog that you have been misled is always going to happen in a portion of the market.  As in any market.

Tackling this retrospectively and getting recompense is something only individuals can do, by involving legal or consumer protection measures, provided they have enough proof of wrong-doing on the seller's part. If, while trying to expose what has happened, e.g. by posting here, going to the authorities &c, you can find others to join you in the case who have suffered similarly from the same breeder's practices, in some cases you can maybe take a 'class action' of some sort, but under many systems that isn't possible either.

Have to commiserate with you for the spoilt experience;  but unless you can pin down something particular that this breeder has done which breaches consumer legislation or contract law, and conclusively establish her true identity, you are probably on a 'hiding to nothing' and its not easy to see what anybody else could do to assist you.


Added For Readers' Info:

Von Markgraf kennels / Pease case link - see concurrent PDB topic thred "Sasa Nenadov - Serbia - Scammer & Defrauder".

by Gwyny P on 17 August 2021 - 10:08

Thanks for reading and responding.

I don't expect anything other than to perhaps help someone else avoid this breeder's tactics and demeanor.

We love our dog no matter what and cannot imagine trading her in for the damned money.

Though they cannot get away with it forever, it saddens me that people can be so callous and rude and such bullies.

Then for Alla to have the nerve to publicly complain of another person treating her badly just as she has done to us.

I just found another very recent review where she will not provide the papers to a gentleman. Perhaps from the same "litter."

I suspect our dog was one of the desert puppies.

I would love to find a contact source for Lucka Von Buckenland to confirm or deny his position in all of this; particularly if her hips are not what they should be.

I would think they don't want that associated with their world class sire.

mrdarcy (admin)

by mrdarcy on 17 August 2021 - 14:08


by Hundmutter on 17 August 2021 - 16:08

Gwyny, you might try sending a Personal Message to 'Natalie' who owned Lucka when the pedigree Mr Darcy found; may be a long shot, she might not still hold the dog (but may know who now does ?). Or may not check her Inbox here any more. But at least you can try.

by Gwyny P on 17 August 2021 - 20:08

Thank you for that idea, I am always curious about new information.

Will give her a try.

mrdarcy (admin)

by mrdarcy on 18 August 2021 - 03:08

The member Nathalie has not been here since Nov 2020.


by Hundmutter on 18 August 2021 - 08:08

Said it was a long shot ! Hopefully she still gets Pinged when she gets messages anywhere LOL


by Rik on 18 August 2021 - 20:08

Gwyny, you got taken advantage of, due to inexperience most likely. I have been there and done that, in the end, there is very likely anything that can be accomplished past your sharing your experience and maybe preventing someone else making the same mistake.

I would tell the seller to kiss off no matter how many threats of lawyers and law suits. if she/he had the funds to pursue such litigation, I doubt they would have to be scamming customers.


by Gwyny P on 18 August 2021 - 22:08

You are spot on correct, Rik.

If you do a GOOGLE search and follow the trail a bit, you will see she has lawsuits all over the place.

I am guilty of being good and honest.
I treat my clients as I wish to be treated.
I expect others to act accordingly.

Though we do not intend to give wind to her threats with litigation, we do have to be concerned that she may be crazy enough to come to our home and take our dog.

According to my information, San Bernardino County bought her off for the Barstow case for $350,000 so she would drop her mounting threats that they ruined her Top German Shepherd business by taking the dogs out of the desert.

There will be a bigger dog than me that will stop her in her tracks one day.

I wish I could un-see the pictures of that whole fiasco.


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