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by Breg on 07 June 2022 - 11:06

Scammer, liar, thief, and fraud!

I signed a contract in March 2020 for Taylor to train two of my dogs for dual purpose police work for a period of two years.

After he had the dogs a few days I learned more about his training methods, and began asking more specific questions about them. This was in part due to comments made to me by other trainers who were familiar with his methods, which included rough handling and food deprivation.

He (Taylor) asked to withdraw from the contract.

He initially stated he would send detailed plans to return the dogs, however never replied despite repeat efforts.

Taylor later sold one of the dogs to another individual for cash, promising papers later which never materialized. Microchip at the vet’s office confirms the dog is mine.

He has since blocked me from all contact on social media and refused to pay or return the dogs under any condition, including that stated in the contract.

I can provide the contract, emails, police reports, and the AKC registration papers of both dogs, along with some of the text messages for anyone wanting proof.
(Location set to Wash. D.C.)

Taylor Made K9s
5557 Baltimore Ave Ste 500
Hyattsville MD 20781
Department ID W20882023

(Sometimes the location shows as Gambrills, MD)

Fantom76 (admin)

by Fantom76 on 07 June 2022 - 17:06

I hope that you have either contacted a lawyer, or perhaps small claims court.

by Breg on 07 June 2022 - 21:06

In process, but with us being in two different states there is a decided lack of effort on law enforcement side. His probation officer has been disinclined to do anything either.

mrdarcy (admin)

by mrdarcy on 08 June 2022 - 03:06

" His probation officer has been disinclined to do anything either." this whole thing is shocking but parole officer not taking any action? that is just not right!!!

by Breg on 20 June 2022 - 08:06

Learned last night he may have renamed one of the dogs, "Helga", to "Amika," likely to sell her too.

Microchip # 956000010752267.


by charlie319 on 21 June 2022 - 11:06

You may have a card to play...

A person commits theft in Maryland by taking someone else's property without authorization or by deceit and:

intending to deprive the owner of their property, or
willfully or knowingly using, concealing, or abandoning the property in a way that actually deprives (or probably will deprive) the owner of their property.

This sounds like theft by deception. Last time I checked, the worth of a single law enforcement dog was beyond the felony threshold. You may have to swear out a complaint to get the ball rolling, but it seems like a slam dunk... Plus there's the fraud he may have perpetrated on the buyer of the stolen goods.

by Hukka on 23 June 2022 - 18:06

by Breg on 24 June 2022 - 08:06

Thank you SO MUCH for posting that!

Am in process of contacting the ones listed in the link, see if I can get my dog back (assuming she's still there).

mrdarcy (admin)

by mrdarcy on 24 June 2022 - 14:06

Good luck Breg hoping you get your dogs back soon.

by Breg on 01 July 2022 - 17:07

Well the bad news is that I am unlikely to get my dogs back. One he sold to a happy home, and don't have the heart to remove her. Will likely send the papers to them before too long and close out that.

The other of the two? In all likelihood also sold, to someone unknown. Given the circumstances where they were at, she's almost certainly in a better place (at least that's how I look at it).

Apparently they are looking to bust his tail good, with a class action lawsuit, including interstate transport. So very hopefully a number of felonies (apparently I'm far from the only one he's done this to). Hoping to throw my hat in that ring.

They also wanted info on his probation officer who turned a blind eye to this. Will see what (if anything) becomes of that.

Will keep posted.


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