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by Sunsilver on 31 May 2021 - 23:05

14 years ago, I was searching for my first registered GSD. I saw a picture of a puppy on this site, and thought, wow, that is a nice looking dog! Terrific bone for a female, and a nice topline!

I drove all the way to Ohio to meet her and the breeder, and brought her home with me at the age of 12 weeks.

I was hoping to breed her given her wonderful lines. Unfortunately, she x-rayed as mildly dysplastic in one hip at age two, so I had to have her spayed.

Despite that, she's been a wonderful dog and a great companion.

A couple of months ago, my vet diagnosed her as having DM. She was pooping nearly every night in her sleep, and could no longer wag her tail. Still, she loved to chase squirrels in the backyard, and when I took her for off-leash walks at the nearby military base, she'd whine in anticipation the whole way there.

Last Saturday, I left her outside for about an hour or 45 minutes, while I mowed the grass. When I came to take her back in, I had a very hard time getting her up the stairs, and once she was inside, she was no longer able to walk. I suspect she tried to climb the stairs while I was mowing, and maybe tweaked her back, or hurt her hind legs.

What happened doesn't really matter. I knew this was coming - if not this week, probably next week, or next month. I called my vet on Sunday, and left a message, saying it was time.

Sunday night was very difficult. I could hear her struggling to stand up, but when I went to her, I was not able to get her up on her feet - she was too weak.

My vet called me back early this morning, and gave me an appointment for what had to be done.

Rest in peace, Star of Hope vom Bayou Land. It's been a wonderful fourteen and a half years!  



by Sunsilver on 31 May 2021 - 23:05

Star at 8 weeks, and my favourite picture of her at 9 months: