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by tmccoy82 on 26 April 2021 - 11:04

Hello! Any recommendations for reputable breeders in the Midwest? Does anyone have any information on Mittlewest German Shepherds in Illinois? Either show or working. Any referrals for ethical, reputable breeders would be greatly appreciated.


by Rik on 26 April 2021 - 13:04

You might check out Huerta Hof,. I did have some dealings with them in the past and all was positive, first rate folks, at least from my standpoint.

I kind of hate putting names out though.

good luck.


by Hundmutter on 27 April 2021 - 01:04

Suggest you use the 'Search Forums' facility (button above) to check out Mittlewest for yourself - there has been quite a lot said about them on PBD over the years. They have been a hugely successful kennel, in both Show and Work, but some of what was being said in latter years was not flattering.

Would like to be able to help further but I'm not in the US.


by Rik on 27 April 2021 - 14:04

also, there are members here who seem to put a lot of effort into their breeding programs. take that for what it's worth.

one i do think is in the midwest and has her own food manufacturing company and has been very helpful in offering advice on where she gets her dogs. another is further away and in Florida, another in Georgia.

a GSL breeder, I think in Alabama or maybe Texas, not sure,

there is one closer to you, across the line in Ky, who I have had dealings with and absolutely no issues and I felt very trustworthy.

another has apparently been banned or maybe chosen not to post anymore, but probably one of the top animal trainers in the world.

I'm just not willing to post anymore names without permission as it often doesn't end well. if you want to PM me, I have no issue telling you some of the ones I would check out if I was in the market. and also, tifiw, as I just wade around in the shallow end of the pool.

probably, the very best choice as you seem to be in an area with many clubs, visit them. in almost every club there are people who breed very good, proven dogs. they are just maybe not "famous" breeders.

hope this helps,


by justde on 04 May 2021 - 08:05

Yes, for sure check out some schutzhund clubs. Some very nice puppies are bred from handlers who breed only occasionally. They often do a breeding for their next dog and are particular about what they want to produce. Also if you go with a more highly advertised kennel you may be paying more for a puppy than from a smaller breeder.

by Cybergrrl on 04 May 2021 - 14:05

I would recommend Guardian Angel Shepherds outside of Wichita, Ks. (a search on this forum for Guardian Angels Shepherd will bring up a 2010 entry about a very different breeder elsewhere). Laurie Hein is a very honest and reputable breeder who focuses on even temperament, good health and breed standard so that her owners get a puppy that is ready to go into whatever area they are best suited for. Many of her breeding stock have titles and many from her litters have gone on to earn titles. Although many are sought for home and family because of their even temperament, her puppies have also excelled in all areas, be it show, service, tracking, or protection. I was in contact with her for over 2 years before buying and was impressed with her willingness to answer questions, continual communication with owners, and strong following from her customers.


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