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by Riohaus on 28 January 2021 - 15:01

I want to share our experience with this breeder Nikola Petrovic. About 4 months ago we purchased a two year old pregnant female from Nikola. He said she had no health issues or defects and that she had been examined by a licensed vet and cleared. After getting them all a vet exam before they went to their new homes we found out from our vet that several of them had heart murmurs and she suggested we have the ones with the most severe cases checked by a Cardiologist. We had that done and found out that 2 of them had mitral valve dysplasia. One was so severe that we had to put it down per the vets recommendation. We notified Nikloa of the health issues the puppies had and he denied there was a problem and said there was no proof of this. We sent him the AKC litter registration and the Cardiologist report as proof but said this wasn't his problem and said we were trying to "extort" him. We also had the female (Sher Brabus) examined by the Cardiologist and it was discovered that she indeed had mitral valve dysplasia and two other heart issues and recommended not breeding her again. Again we notified Nikola regarding the female Sher that he sold us and only said for us not to contact him again. Not sure what to do at this point but warn others about him.

Hired Dog

by Hired Dog on 28 January 2021 - 16:01

There have been about 3.956 posts in here about buying bargain dogs from Serbia....people still do not listen.
I have yet to hear of anyone having a positive experience getting a dog from there, plus, the idea of sending money to someone I dont personally know and getting a dog sight unseen does not appeal to me.
Having said that, Duke 1965 is the only person I would send money to today, without reservation of what I will get.


by Hundmutter on 29 January 2021 - 04:01

Yes it would be a good thing if any and all breeders took a compassionate interest in puppies produced out of dogs they sell. They should be open to information from buyers, and offer help.


Having said that, it is a question of whether in the OP's particular case, this breeder had known about or contributed to the risk of heart problems in a litter he created, then exported in utero.  Presumably the OP, as buyer of a pregnant bitch, had considered the pros and cons of the stud dog involved, as the breeder would have done ? If not, why was the bitch purchased long distance and presumably unseen - @OP, were you hoping for a miracle perfect litter, into which you did not have to have any input ? What a way to foist puppies onto your fellow citizens in your home country !  If you were at all involved with the mating and choice of stud then I apologise - but then you can no more say the breeder was negligent in his choice than you were.

The best way to not use a dog that is known to produce heart defects is to know details of the dog (and/or bitch) being used. IE what they have produced in earlier litters, whether they themselves have problems.  You cannot know details like this if you are not involved.  If there is no such history available, how would either breeder or buyer know there were going to be difficulties ? To then trust a breeder - particularly someone in Serbia, given all the complaints on PDB and elsewhere about Serbian breeding, as HD has posted above - to have all the answers and prevent all problems is a little unreasonable, even when they are not actively trying to scam you,  don't you think ?


Not surprised the breeder's Vet found nothing wrong with the embryos; as I understand the situation, heart defects are hard to detect at that stage of development, mostly only becoming obvious at or after birth, in the pups that survive that far. And the bitch was certified by his vet as being in good health (even if that has proven innacurate); it does not give any mention of, or guarantee about, her pups.  If you want vets to look for particular things in unborn puppies, ask the vet. Did you not have her examined by your own vet, on arrival ? You only mention vet-checking bitch and sold-on pups. Bear in mind heart problems are really not hugely common in this breed.

I should say here I am not setting out to defend this (or any other Serbian) breeder; I do not know him, I do not know of him, (although he may feature among those complained about, I do not know, I haven't looked). And I have agreed he should have seemed more helpful, rather than denied all responsibilty outright.  But puppies are always a crap-shoot at the best of times and in the most careful of circumstances; health issues can crop up any time, anywhere, without necessarily having been avoidable (even if the best care and 'due diligence' is taken), so I think it only fair to point out there are two sides to this complaint.


mrdarcy (admin)

by mrdarcy on 29 January 2021 - 06:01

While your posts are sincere the OP did not come here for a lecture, they are trying to warn others about this breeder. I for one am glad members come here to warn and name unethical breeders. No offense but the posts above do not do anything to encourage members coming forward with their experiences. I'm pretty sure the OP knows what mistakes they have made and above posts don't make that any easier.

Hundmutter the OP did not say that the embryos were checked by the breeders' vet but that the FEMALE was checked. The puppies were vet checked BEFORE going to new homes by the OP vet.

Riohaus I have contacted this breeder for his side to this.


by Hundmutter on 29 January 2021 - 10:01

Mr Darcy, I realise the OP only said the female was checked by the breeder's vet, not her pups - I was just enhancing that point, the PUPS were not specifically checked pre-export [and apparently no one was claiming that they had been].

So when I realised the OP made no mention of a vet check at THIS end, either, until both puppies and female were checked as the pups were old enough to go to their new homes, I thought it should be pointed out that there could, & should, have been a vet check of the female while still pregnant, on her arrival with the OP. No guarantee the buyer's choice of vet would have been any better / more successful at detecting cardiac problems in the littl'uns - but at least if these are detected, while in utero, there are courses of action which can be taken. And you get a bit of a head start and maybe some evidence if you want to persue any legal redress. Instead of being left saying "Now I don't know what to do".

Maybe the buyer/OP does now realise "what mistakes they've made", ... or maybe they had not worked that out yet. Besides which, a lot of other people read these posts and they too might think its completely okay to (a) buy from Serbia, unseen (b) not get vet checks done almost immediately on receipt of imports and/or (c) think every breeder ought to be able, without question, to provide stock free from any possible defect.  These are, after all, sentient living creatures being dealt in, not cars or washing machines.

As Hired Dog pointed out, plenty of info on Serbia, but nobody seems to be taking note ! Sometimes its worth upsetting people and shouting the message from the treetops, in order for ears & eyes to be opened.

Riohaus, I am sorry for 'lecturing'. Please excuse me. Some of us feel very strongly that too many puppies and breeding stock are being produced without due care and attention, and that is not just by breeders abroad. That strength of feeling sometimes results in a hectoring tone; its difficult to care so deeply about an issue and yet NOT 'sound off ' about it. If I had not posted, somebody else almost certainly would have, and some people are much less polite than me, or Hired Dog ! And less inclined to explain why they are 'shouting' at you.

mrdarcy (admin)

by mrdarcy on 29 January 2021 - 11:01

So you have made your point let it be so we may get some action from the breeder/seller. You can PM me if you have anything further to say to me and we can keep this thread clear of should've could've etc.


by VomCentaurus on 29 January 2021 - 21:01

Hello Guys, I have read the original post and actually i was shocked to know that. Well no offense to anyone and i am not defending anyone but still i will share my experience with Nikola Petrovic kennel Brabus. He is the most amazing and honest breeder in Serbia i have met and still dealing with him. I know all his dogs and i have most of his dogs as well. From start until i receive my dog, he is always in touch and even we almost daily discuss the breeding program. I have had more than 5 females and 4 puppies from him and 6 of my females are still with him as we are waiting for their breeding in Germany. After dealing with him, i would say i never had any issue in single transaction. I am sorry for the loss Riohaus but honestly i dont think that his breeding standards or health protocols are faulty. Yes it is true things happen but i am just sharing my experience with this specific Breeder. I would send him money for dogs i haven't even seen and he never disappointed me. I hope things turn out well for you. Good Luck :)


by Rik on 30 January 2021 - 13:01

von Cent. just in your opinion and taking the OP word that the adult female has heart issues missed by the vet before sale, do you think Nikola's veterinarian might be incompetent?

seems to me a dog with 3 different heart issues, there should be some indications.

Do you also know the vet?

just curious,

mrdarcy (admin)

by mrdarcy on 31 January 2021 - 06:01

I have the vet certificate from the OP's vet but can't post it here for now.

by Angeloff on 31 January 2021 - 12:01

Omg I have also very bad 🥺 experience with the Serbian breeder! He is FCI judge and he has no problems to cheat me! Please avoid the Serbian breeder's !99 % of them are just puppies farmers!


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