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by Juno11 on 17 January 2021 - 11:01

Do I send away for a kit? Is there a preferred lab who does the testing? He is booked to see a neurologist in 2 weeks so maybe they would do the test to see if he’s at risk.


by Koots on 17 January 2021 - 11:01

I used Embark for overall genetic testing of my dogs, which included DM.


by LiPope on 17 January 2021 - 11:01

I am not fully understanding the question- but if you are wanting to test for DM to see if your dog carrys the gene, I highly recommend Embark tests. They run a little higher than just straight DM tests, however it tests for everything. I personally use Embark For Breeders on all of my dogs. I typically get my results back in within a month of them receiving the swab, and it can be transferred over to OFA as well.

by Juno11 on 17 January 2021 - 13:01

I was asking if I send away for a kit to test for DM. If so, where do I get a kit from. I wasn’t sure if this was something the veterinarian handled. I think the test is a risk assessment and doesn’t tell you the dog has it or not. My GSD (Czech working lines) has symptoms that suggest it could be DM.

by Bevsb on 17 January 2021 - 16:01

My 8 3/4 year old GSD was recently diagnosed with DM. Prior to her appointment with a neurologist for evaluation, I was advised to get a test for DM at Orthopedic Foundation for Animals ( The test was $65 and I had the results back within a couple of weeks, unfortunately in the homozygous at risk category. After an MRI ruled out other spinal issues, her dx was DM.


by Rik on 17 January 2021 - 16:01

Embark for breeders


I'm assuming you are in the U.S. so you probably want to do a test recoginized by OFA. especially if he is negative.

by GSDHeritage on 18 January 2021 - 09:01

In order to be on the PDB only USA lab accepted is OFA. You will need to send the information into OFA if you use another USA lab.

OFA Testing for USA Bred Dogs was posted earlier. Other Countries that test through OFA are CKC Canadian Kennel Club and Imported dogs also need to be on the OFA site. Dog Comments also needs to be verified on OFA.

by GSDHeritage (admin) on 16 October 2019 - 23:10

Members have asked Pedigree Admins about the use of other Laboratories on PDB 

The Pedigree Admins need to be able to check for proof to be sure a dog has been tested. The OFA site is available to check this

information out for dogs.  If you have a Prelim done on dogs it needs to be listed on the OFA site to be allowed on PDB.

We get messages from members stating that information on dogs on the PDB is incorrect so OFA is required for dog health tests.  If these

other Labs make this available on their site so that Pedigree Admins can check dogs out, things can change.

by Juno11 on 19 January 2021 - 11:01

Thanks for everyones posts with info on the genetic testing. I'm in Canada. I just want to test for DM and sent away for the kit from OFA this morning. He goes to a neurologist and will likely have an MRI. Of course I'm really hoping its not DM. I will be heart broken if it is.


by Bevsb on 19 January 2021 - 21:01

I wish you the best of luck with your dog and hope that he does not have DM. Even if the DNA test shows him at risk he may live a long time without developing DM. I have had 4 German Shepherds with DM and my last dog diagnosed at age 9 lived for 3 years after diagnosis and was ambulatory until the end. My current soon to be 9 year old GSD was just diagnosed with DM. She is now going to Physical Therapy and receives laser treatments to her spine twice a week. Apparently a study done about 2 years ago showed some improvement in symptoms and longevity with this treatment so I'm hoping for the best.


by AjuaqShowDogs on 24 January 2021 - 20:01

Sadly, it depends on which breed you have. It's not a test that is straight across on all breeds, though I thought it would be. Still can't test for it in my breed, nor some of the other "common" tests that alot of breeds test for.


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