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by Hundmutter on 26 November 2020 - 04:11

This is dog related, but its about PEOPLE so I hope its okay to post it here rather than on Main Forum ? I'd just like to get my annoyance off my chest !                                                                                                                                                            (Admin: move it if you want to).


I recently saw something in a Training Group on 'social media' where a guy was (ostensibly) asking what to do about a situation where his neighbours' dog had got loose from their property, and he had tried to help but could not get the dog to come to him to be caught & returned to them.

He set the scene as : neighbours are an older couple; dog is a very young GSD bitch; dog has zero training; dog does not get walked as too strong for owners. Dog can clearly escape their yard.

Lots of people responded with good advice about what to say to the owners, how to help them, how to win the trust of the dog with treats etc, so that if it happened again he might have a fighting chance of catching her. Most were understanding about this was not his responsibility, that there may be a limit to what he could do; some even suggested he do absolutely nothing. I found interesting (but refrained from comment on) that he at first said he was 'woken up' to help - but then in a later post said he was 'outside' when she got out. ?

But anyhoo ... he then said (without acknowledging the help others had been giving him) that he didn't have time for all that.

So I chipped in - as nobody else had raised it - in that case, he could involve Animal Control. If dog keeps getting out she can be a danger to herself and others, especially traffic-wise, etc; owners' reluctance to exercise or train her properly not best environment for the dog. Ya-da, ya-da, ya-da.

Got the indignant response "Don't be a Karen; I'm not going to start a neighbour-war". He then said something there are certain members here would probably support: "You Brits are so dense. Go & have a cup of tea with the Queen."

Well, doncha just love folk who go online to moan about things, and pretend to care, but don't want to actually do anything to sort out the problem ? So I've just said I hope the next time his neighbours call him out to help with their dog, it isn't to scrape her body off the road. What would the rest of you have said ?


by Rik on 26 November 2020 - 08:11

I don't think this issue is confined to Brits and it seem some good advice was given.

unless the dog is causing damage or is a danger to people/other animals, I guess he can just keep doing what he is doing and I wonder why he even asked if he was just going to insult anyone with suggestions.

a lab recently got loose in my neighborhood and killed a cat across the street, I couldn't get there in time to stop it. there are several cats that roam free, but they keep the chipmunk population in control, chipmunks can do a lot of damage digging under foundations, etc and it pissed me off watching this cat killed in seconds.

if the lab shows up again, I'm calling AC and neighborhood wars be damned. people are responsible for the damage their dogs do and should be held accountable.

at the absolute least, the owners could upgrade their enclosure/fencing if they are going to own an animal they can't control.



by Sunsilver on 26 November 2020 - 09:11

We had a very strong, very large lab on our street that the owners had no idea how to control. He was getting out so often that the family was on a first-name basis with Animal Control.

One day, he knocked over an elderly neighbour. She was lying on the ground for quite a few hours before anyone saw her and came to help. She had to be treated in hospital for hypothermia, and the owners were taken to court.

So, it's more than just cats being killed that you need to worry about.

I'd say both the dog owners and the OP need a lesson in personal responsibility.


by Hundmutter on 26 November 2020 - 11:11

Rik, the issue is certainly not confined to Britain - though this "gentleman's" insult about Brits being 'dense' seems to be about more than just me. I believe HE is in Florida. Go figure.

Maybe I should have thought about examples like knocking old people flying, and cat-killing, and added those to my reasons for why having this dog running loose wasn't a great idea; but apart from causing traffic accidents, I was more on the side of the dog, thinking she sounded like she's not getting the best life - especially for a Shep - so I just pointed out neglect comes in many forms, not just cruelty, when he asked why I thought it was worth involving AC. (Pretty condensed anyway, you may know how brief you need to be on FB. But I thought I was dealing with someone actually concerned about dogs.)


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