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by Pirschgang on 13 November 2020 - 11:11

Anyone know anything about Karn vom Fegelhof lines and specifically his son Jucan von Peroh?

Karn vom Fegelhof

Jucan von Peroh

by Pirschgang on 13 November 2020 - 11:11

I guess when I did a little more searching, I came across this:

Jucan is one of the best representative  of West German Shepherd working lines. Our German Shepherd puppies for sale have Jucan as their grand-father or great grandfather. Jucan is one of the best producing sons of Karn vom Fegelhof Sch3 BSP. Jucan and Karn I have found to both produce very high prey and aggression in their offspring.  What I like in particular in the Jucan line, is the dogs are very biddable and have a natural attention to the owner and a strong desire to please.  Their high prey drive makes them very easy to train in obedience and protection, while the line from Jucan is also very social.  This combination of good drives for work, but a safe and social nature with family makes this line that we line-breed upon.  We are not affiliated with Mr. Rohde and the Peroh kennel in Germany.  Our  breeding program is based on  two sons, Bourne and Caro, half brothers, that are fathered by Jucan, that are the basis of our male and female dogs. We also out-cross to other lines.  This is the dog we focus on line-breeding upon in our breeding program.




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