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by maple on 05 July 2020 - 08:07

GSCat , your post makes a lot of sense . I neglected to mention that I am also the breeder so she has been with me from day one.
I will be bringing her home tomorrow and will see her reaction. She was very close before she left . so we will see .
Thank you


by Rik on 05 July 2020 - 15:07

I really would not worry about it at all at this point, unless you have high level competition in the future.

but then again, my "perfect" dog is not so much over drive. as a matter of fact, I prefer low drive due to my life style and age.

I do like some civil, obedience can be trained, no matter how "lazy".

and 14 weeks is a little early to determine some of this stuff, unless it's complete flaky.


edit to add, just saw that you were the breeder of this litter and this was your pick, so obviously, she had some characteristics you like and breed for. I say, go with your choice until proven wrong and then learn from the experience.


by GSCat on 07 July 2020 - 05:07

Thank you, Hundmutter.

Thank you, Maple.

So, how's your puppy? Bet she's underfoot and excited and wiggly and happy and going nuts ;-) And then when she gets tired (do puppies really ever get tired--haha), and drops off to sleep (nap to recharge) it's with her head on your foot or lap if at all possible. She may sense something about your surgery/need to take it easy, so don't be alarmed if she's trying to be careful around you, especially if you or someone else had to calm her down/enforce "manners."

How are you doing?


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