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by RoseMountain on 23 December 2019 - 13:12

Well I received an email from the AKC telling me ownership of one of my dogs had been transferred, and honestly I was confused because I still very much owned that dog! So I contacted the AKC and they informed me someone named ‘Casey Blake’ who resides in NY claims to own my dog and had ordered her certificate with the new ownership info.

I told them that was false and that she is still my dog and is due with her first litter in 3.5 weeks, so I need to get this fixed ASAP. So I had to send a long email with my info/proof and the complaint it’s self. No I have never given my issue date information out on my registration, let alone have anyone view her certificate!

So I am writing this to warn others that someone is somehow getting AKC information and fraudulently passing it as their own. I have no idea why she wanted the info, perhaps she is trying to pass an unpapered litter off as registered...Who knows. Please everyone be careful and I feel so distraught that my very new kennel name is associated somewhere with some backyard breeder! The AKC did inform me she has a number of other dogs registered under her name...all stolen I am sure.

Any advice on how she could’ve gotten this information is always welcomed, along with your own venting rants about bloodline/paperwork fraud/theft!

by NatureDragon on 23 December 2019 - 20:12

Not surprising unfortunately, as this is just another form of identity theft that is out of control these days, and who knows what the theives will think of next. Thank you for sharing, I didn't even think of this happening until you posted your case. Keep us posted and I think breeders of all or other breeds should watch out for this same thief, because she probably won't stop at GSD's.

by GSCat on 25 December 2019 - 03:12

Google your dog's name. You may be surprised (angry) what you find. There are some sites/unethical breeders that are stealing photos of dogs off of reputable breeders' websites and using them for ads and/or passing off the photo as another dog [mad] I found someone that had stolen off of my breeder's website [mad] and was doing this [mad] because I recognized a photo as being in my dog's pedigree, and knew the breeder still had the dog.



by RoseMountain on 22 January 2020 - 17:01

So I am still dealing this issue of fraud with the AKC 4 weeks later! They now have had me fill out an affidavit that had to be notarized then sent back to them, Along with a statement that I still own the dog in question. And one of the staff members also informed that there are other complaints of stolen/false dog registration against this individual! I misspelled her name in the original post, it is “Cassie Blake” not -Casey Blake- by the way! So while now they are saying while I had to have a notarized document, that she now needs to provide proof of the physical ownership transfer papers with my signature on them for her side of all this.

I just hate how I am still dealing with this, and I feel like I am the one having to provide all this proof when she is the criminal in all this!

So why do y’all think she even stole the registration in the first place? I believe she is trying to pass my lovely Rainiers bloodlines off as her own for some mutt litter!

by GSCat on 24 January 2020 - 22:01

As far as I can tell from the thread, either she wants to steal your dog (or have someone else do it) and wants proof of ownership first, or she wants to use your dog's name in her breeding program to sell puppies/get registration papers for litters of unregisterable puppies/get a better price for lesser quality puppies. In any case, it's a pile of poop [angry]

As far as I'm concerned, thieves like this need to be prosecuted to fullest extent...

If the thief shows up with a fake bill of sale/transfer papers with a forged signature/mark, she can be criminally proseuted for forgery. I don't know if theft, theft by deception, fraud, or something else would be the criminal charge(s) for the fraudulently transferred registration. If USPS was used in any way to facilitate the crime, there's always mail fraud...

And there's civil court, too.

No idea which jurisdiction (yours, AKC's, the thief's, or maybe Federal), and I don't know if AKC would be willing to help.  As far as I'm concerned, AKC should, since they either didn't have sufficient safeguards to prevent this, or failed to follow procedures and so bypassed safeguards against this.  At the very least, AKC should ban her from registering, revoke her current registrations, and ban her from participation in events.  Forever and ever and ever.


Edited to add:  or she has a stolen dog that she needs papers for so litters from the stolen bitch/stud can be sold/registered, and so she can "prove" "ownership" {even angrier]  Does your dog resemble any of the high profile dog nappings (thinking the dog stolen from the show in Europe recently)?  Or other good quality dogs that have been stolen?  A lot of stolen dogs' photos are posted so you could take a quick look...


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