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by refugekennel on 30 July 2019 - 19:07

I purchased a Male German Shepherd back in December of 2018 from Ivan Lukic who was supposed to be fully trained with his BH title and SG1. I actually got in touch with him about another male I was interested in purchasing to confirm it wasn't a scam as I had never worked the other breeder before. I knew Ivan was a judge based on the information I had received from other breeders I had worked with before and wanted to confirm. He stated that he was the Vice President of the club in his area. He stated that the other male had come from his Kennel but he had been sold to one of his friends and he wasn't aware that he had been posted for sale. I decided to forgo purchasing the other male because of this. Ivan contacted me back and stated that he had several males available and sent me pictures and videos of Lion and I sent the full payment to him. I was put in contact with the shipper immediately and I had worked with him several times in the past so it helped confirm this was a legitimate purchase. Unfortunately, it was a crazy winter and our flight kept being put off. The gentleman we normally use and the same gentleman Ivan used travels with the canine as he brings over several canines at a time so it's not as simple as simply booking the next flight. Long story short the Male I purchased wasn't delivered to me until February. During the flight over there was also several weather delays which had them layed over so the travel was also much more hectic than was expected. When arrived it was clear that Lion had had a very hard experience with the travel and wasn't handling it well. I was informed to be very careful with him as he was a flight risk and had already gotten away from them once and it took a while to catch him. I contact Ivan and told him Lion had arrived but he wasn't delivered with papers which I normally receive when upon delivery when they deliver in person. He said he hadn't had a chance to get the export pedigree yet but he would, This goes on from February till July 30th (when his export papers finally arrived) with numerous times and dates contacted in attempts to get get the export papers. Ivan has remained in contact with me but he always offers one excuse after the other. These excuses range from being out of the country (numerous time) to his father's sister died and he had to arrange transport of the body back. Ivan also stated that the "President" of his Kennel Club who is a friend of his sent the papers but on the same day he sent them his Father passed away so he didn't think to get tracking numbers (obviously said papers never arrived that time around), another time Ivan was helping with an intervention and last but not least he was in the hospital. About 90% of our conversation is documented through text so I am more than willing to submit evidence. Furthermore, it is still obvious that Lion is not trained in the least. He was supposed to be fully obedience trained with already obtaining his BH which he clearly does not. He jerks, spins and bites anytime someone tries to put a leash on him. He has bitten me twice (puncture wounds) and my husband once (only bruised). He has also attacked one of our dogs and tried to kill a cat (got away). Ivan had stated that Lion was again fully trained in obedience and was great with other dogs and children (he's not). Now I will be honest and say I haven't mentioned the training or the bites to Ivan until May 20th. As I was honestly just waiting for his pedigree and wanted to ensure I actually got his papers. However, upon finally getting my export papers 8 months after I purchased him I still haven't gotten his supposed titles and hip and elbow certifications he was supposed to have. I am moving forward. I got in touch with the Kennel Club of Serbia (KSS) back in May to see if the Export papers had been filed as Ivan has stated over and over again that it was their fault I wasn't getting them because it took time for the export papers. However both times they said that nothing had been filed. I spoke with a Mira von Mrdak who works at the Kennel Club of Serbia and they also informed me that there is no Ivan Lukic associated with them and he is NOT a registered Judge.
Today July 30th I finally received Lion's export papers there are No titles present on his export pedigree nor was his pedigree stamped with his Hips and elbow results like Ivan said they were. Ivan ONLY sent me an export pedigree and NO proof of titles. I messaged him today and he said it takes time to get his titles and hips and elbows certification and that he will ship them "Next Time". No that's not acceptable. Not only does it not take this long to process titles, Hips and elbows certification, and export pedigree (as I've done this several times) but to tell me after 8 months and the dog is no longer in his possession that it's going to take longer and he will get them next time is rediculous. Obviously, I can't ever recommend him to future buyers but I deserve to have the dog I paid for so I would like for him to either issue a refund and I can return the dog at his cost or pay for his training so he can receive the training he was supposed to have originally.
Admin I'd be happy to provide copies of emails, and message. Please be advised that I do work so I will have to check-in periodically to this post to answer questions.

by ali44 on 31 July 2019 - 05:07

First of all you should verify with the Serbian Kennel Club if the papers you received for the dog are authentic or not.
Also, take the dog to a vet to scan the dog's identification code number and see if it matches with the one on the export papers.
If there are no titles or hips and elbows stamps on the export papers, then the dog hasn't any of them.
Unfortunately, I think you bought a neglected adult dog, that spent his whole life locked up in a 6 to 8 square meters kennel, with very little to none attention from people or interaction with other dogs, thus the behavior problems he has.

by von Clausewitz on 31 July 2019 - 11:07

This is typical of Ivan Lukic. In Serbja his BS lies to foreigners about being an official are known and he conducts dishonest affairs right in his home of Serbja with his own countrymen. Hopefully he didn't sell you one of his large 40kg males that hops out of the crate a svelte 25kg. Because Ivan will tell you, the dog must have lost this weight in crate!

Ivan Lukic is an inveterate liar and shyster.


by DuganVomEichenluft on 31 July 2019 - 12:07

Topics like this are ALL over the internet. How many times does one need to be screwed over from countries like Serbia to "get it". Roll eyes

I truly don't have any sympathy for people who export dogs from these countries. There are plenty of great dogs in the USA or more reliable countries. The only reason people go to Serbia, etc is because the photo of said dog looks amazing and the dog is cheap. That should be your first red flag. 



Entwerfer Haus

by Entwerfer Haus on 31 July 2019 - 20:07

If he is NOT trained, is biting everyone and no health certification why is he on your site as titled and health tested? And this description?:

Have you had him trained and tested? I sure hope so...

Son of IPO1, BH, KKL1 Amstel von Yugerschof and IPO1, BH Amstel von Yugerschof, Lion von Yugerschof (King) is the perfect example of what the breed was created to be. Large-bodied striking type and expressiveness, very well pigmented, built in a very good relationship, dry and firm. Very good character, high, long withers, very harmonious back line, very good length and position of the croup. Correct angulations of the fore powerful gears with very effective replenishment suitable for improving the imprint, building harmony and pigmentation.

KSS#: JR757812
Color: Red & Black
DOB: June 06, 2017
OFA: Prelim HD/ED - A1 (normal)
DNA #:
DM : Clear - N/N (Normal)


I empathize with your plight, to a degree. I know I've lost thousands over the years from bad breeding, uneducated 'breeders' selling me pet quality dogs or worse and these were people I knew and trusted.  Buy the first dog and they got me on the second.  Due diligence and doing your homework would  have probably uncovered this person.


by refugekennel on 01 August 2019 - 01:08

This was the description given to me which is what I used to describe him. This description has been changed. I will say he is a beautiful dog, but he's not what I was told I was purchasing. I was told all of the above and was also told he was raised with children and other dogs and had zero behavior problems. I got several references including breeders I have worked with in the past before I continued with the purchase. I had never worked with him personally before however. I agree with more homework I could have avoided a lot, that doesn't erase his fault in selling me a dog that was not as he described. I understand that nothing will most likely come of this but I did want to raise awareness at the very least so perhaps others will not make the same mistake.


by Hundmutter on 01 August 2019 - 14:08

I get rather tired of seeing that quite frequently used excuse about "This is what was said about the dog when I bought him/her, so this is what I used to advertise with." Whether it's in Classifieds or on websites, why oh why are people so quick to post onwards about the value of dogs they have not yet seen / got their hands on / had any real chance to evaluate ? WHAT'S THE RUSH ?

by old shatterhand on 02 August 2019 - 14:08

Hundmutter . I couldn't agree more with what you said . I warned some many times people not to buy dogs from Europe (especially Eastern Europe) but they didn't listen, and there are consequences and crying. Remember the price from Europe might seem to be cheaper, but when you add all the expenses like shipping, paper work, time you spent,
and no guarantees . Fake IPO papers, fake HD Elbows papers. I would suggest those people who bought those dog from Eastern Europe do Hips elbow xrays here in USA or send them to SV ,and will see how many will pass, never mind other health issues, or temperament. I am saying this because I know some people who did this and unfortunately they didn't pass it. Same with the puppies. You buy puppy from US reputable breeder ,if something goes wrong he,she will replace the pup. Do you think the European breeder will do that ? if even do, then you'll have to pay the hefty shipping, and other expenses cost. We have in the States or Canada much better dogs, and better breeders then those imports from Easter Europe. I used show, and go to shows for years, here and in Europe, and I tell you this, dogs which were and are winning i8n USA all were adult highly campaigned and achieved dogs brought from Germany (Many VA at BSZS) or those bred by American breeders.Look at even the BSZS show results, only few american dogs are shown each year, but they all place high in the ring, and there is more same quality dogs in America ,but the problem is the distance ,and cost which many american breeders can't afford Never seen Eastern European dog placed high in America, and only few at BSZS . Why import something unknown,and
something which don't improve, nor complement the breed. However no matter what anyone write, still there will be people willing to take the chances. Take it, but please don't complain, and cry later.


by Hundmutter on 02 August 2019 - 17:08

Well there are good breeders and bad breeders, 'European' and 'Eastern European'. Other than suggest NOBODY buys from anyone, anywhere, without first checking they have a fairly sound idea about what average expenses for shipping would be, what paperwork is involved, and what legal redress they might have if things go wrong, I would not lump every breeder in any country as all the same; there are certainly breeders in European countries [and that includes e.g. the UK, Italy, etc ] who can be found who will deal honestly. Trouble is buyers are too willing to answer ads they fancy without doing that due diligence first, and too happy to live by some  "It happens to other people, it'll never happen to me." delusion.

My point was not just that people start 'talking up' their purchases too soon, (which can make you then every bit as bad as the person YOU bought from),  but also that they are quite prepared to use descriptions they have no proof of - yet - EVEN IF that misleads people who might come to them for a stud or a puppy in the near future. Get the dog FIRST, check it is everything it was said to be, from all angles, whether the training qualifications, or the temperament, or the conformation, or the health; THEN decide how to describe it online.  You can still use the original description; IF you agree that it is valid, and you don't want the bother of composing something else. Just wait until you know it is accurate.  It isn't usually going to give you timing problems (unless you use AI in advance of buying a male, for instance); you don't then have to take it down and re-write it; and your customers will get something that you know to be true rather than speculative.


by MuchToLearn on 02 August 2019 - 18:08

I think the biggest red flag is the fact that OP bred a litter on Lion in April. A dog who obviously has some issues that need to be handled before imo he is breedable. Like AGGRESSION??? Getting all his paperwork??? Making sure this is the right dog??? You bred this dog. You made money off this dog. I honestly don't believe you have any entitlement to a refund or compensation. Jmho *shrug*


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