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by Mprimm on 28 March 2018 - 04:03

I recently attend my first show and trail and I am over whelmed at the lack of professionalism of the show. This was a small USCA show put on by a local club with a judge that lives in a reasonable proximity to the location of the venue. I watched all of the BH of trails and the judge seemed to provide adequate feedback to all of the participants and included critiques which were reasonable and accurate.

I have heard from several people including my vet and experienced judges that there a lot of politics in the dog business however I am very surprised at the perceived politics of this show. Again this was small show with few dogs competing and I am not upset with the rating my dog received; however it was seemed that the judge was bias and/or persuaded to make her dissensions as to the placing’s. There were only three dogs in the show and the hosting club represented two of dogs which placed first and second. The first place dog was handled by the son of the hosting clubs president and the second place dog was a member of the hosting club. Furthermore the second place dog was handled by the president’s wife during the gun shot and the dog basically tried to run out of the ring to the owner after the gun shot. During the show the president of the hosting club was in the middle of the ring next to the judge discussing the dogs and I watched the president moving his arms as though he was illustrating the movement of the dogs.

I personally know a thing or two about being un-bias as my profession for the last 15 years requires me to be un-bias and not advocate for any party or interest. At the end of this show my only expectation was that my dog was given a fair evaluation of her confirmation and how she stacked up against the local competition.

What are your thoughts should this type of thing happen in show? Is it common for the hosting clubs president to discuss the dogs with the judge during the show?


by Sunsilver on 28 March 2018 - 14:03

I've experienced something similar at a regional championship show a few years back. The dog that won the top place in the classes had more to do with the kennel name on the T-shirt the handler was wearing rather than the dog's conformation. One dog was particularly bad. It was so cow-hocked and weak in the rear that it could hardly stand up. It also had one of the worst ring tails I've ever seen. Yet it was awarded 1st place in the class!

One of the participants was the friend of the person I'd gone to the show with. He said to her, "Well, given what I see here, I am definitely withdrawing my dog from the next show this same judge is judging. I won't stand a chance!"


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