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by zoe on 21 November 2003 - 18:11

Here I will post an interesting topic that should be brought out into the light of open discussion instead behind closed doors.Here I would like to get a debait started. Do you agree with the following or not and why? Do you have questions about the following? -Then write a message. Why not allow genetic alterations of the gamets to help eradicate inheritable illnesses in the future? For example,to rid GSD of hip dysplasia once and for all by altering the defect genesequence in the gamets(spermcells) of those males that have an increased risk of producing offsprings who are either carriers of the gene or are ill themselwes. We have,for instence,a apalling number of males,and females too ofcourse but their gamets are not changed as easely,that have fast normal or worse in the first generation in the pedigree ,or eaven have it themselves,who are used extencively in breedin despite this fact. The problem that this cause could be eradicated by the mentioned process,because lets face it beople are using them if they know what problems it is likely to cause or not.We might aswel take away the worst effects of this. In addition males that would be vertually irreplaceable to the development of our breed ,and would help to stop the division into two breeds,could thereby still be used. Problems thattis method may cause is that more people would be less careful in theplanningproces,they might be more inclined to use sick females and would thereby work ina way that would leave thismethod without effect or eaven against the breeding of healthierdogs. A nother problem would be that ;how do one as a byer know if this process has realy been carriedout and that a normal mating has taken place and that theinformation that one is given is not just a lie? Mark that I have not said if I am against or for it,I simply want to get a disgussion started. -so speak our mind allready :) -

by JanisNovak on 22 November 2003 - 07:11

This is a wonderful subject and one that is fascinating to me. Because of such a short generational cycle, IF a trait were completely genetic, it certainly could be eliminated from a breed through using a ruthless culling program. Dogs/bitches with that genetic trait are neutered/spayed and OUT of the gene pool. However, with something like CHD, there are SO many genetic markers and the dog carries so many genetic poles that trying to find one or two or even three markers that must be present is almost impossible. If there is ANY environmental factor at all, you're doomed from the start of the program. I completely agree with OFA and a stamp programs. I think they are highly manipulated as are the ZW numbers. But it's the best we've got and MY tired brain can't think of a better plan! JDN - US


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