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by carobrook on 10 August 2013 - 19:08

I have just joined this site having done an internet search regarding our labrador. He is 6 years old and came from a so called breeder called Dominic Bradley of Churchill Wealdon Sporting Ltd. A friend of my mother's bought him in good faith but after several months asked if we could take him as she had another dog and it was too much for her. She had felt satisfied that he was a bona fide dealer and the documentation including the vets checks looked autherntic. We took him on at 8 months and shortly after he had an episode of lameness. When taken to our vets it transpired that he had severe bilateral elbow dysplasia. Since then he has had other lame episodes and last year a terrible time with septic arthritis in his right elbow. A week in the vets and £4,500 later and with the prospect of costly elbow replacement in the future. I was sorry that the original thread on your site 'Pedigree Query' had closed as there were many sad stories due to the appalling behaviour of this man. We love our dog dearly and hate that he can now only walk for 20 minutes and not be free to run and play as he would like. I would be very interested to know if any of those people who posted on the old site ever got any  response from authorities. It seems too late now after 6 years to pursue it and I wonder if the vet who 'aparantley' signed his early certificates was damaged by this or was in cahoots. The practice still operates so I will not name them here. If there is any news please post it. I can only think that those who posted good reviews of him were either very lucky or as some  have suggested perhaps going under another name???............


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