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by Ashiqur Rahman on 07 November 2007 - 22:11

I am from bd a mad GSD lover. Presently keen to buy a  massive St. Bernard top quality male puppy. Please help me in your way.



by Crusader kennels on 11 March 2008 - 03:03



          this is Dr.Krishna from Crusader kennels ,Hyderabad. If you can tell your exact requirement, and your intension for getting massive st bernard pup --breeding, showing etc. your budget for the puppy ,we can help you by getting top quality St Bernard true to Breed.

We have German shepherd,Newfoundland right  now-{see classifields}.On demand we can get you the top quality pup you are searching for.



Best wishes                                             Dr.Krishna


                                                            +91 99635 50569

by yodha on 28 June 2009 - 03:06

Hi Rahman,

I am breeding American type Saints Bernard for a while you can log on the my website and have a look.See quality and size  of Saint depends on the pedigree behind it and  there are several factor like
1.The Right Breeding Combination from solid blood line preferaby following Line Breeding
2.Rearing and quality Supplements
3.Proper Excercise
4.Proper Environment
As far as breeding and pedigree is concerned that I assure yoy is at par with the best in US or even better than some kennels in US.I am line breeding on Van Rijn,Woodhavens,Melon City,Scandia's Line.

For more info you can get in touch with me.
For more ifo click on to my website


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