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by Claytonwarichak on 17 April 2020 - 00:04

I have had four bitches fail to conceive due to incorrect progesterone testing. The TOSOH progesterone testing done at Veterinary Village has produced significantly different results every time is was calibrated with Marchfield Veterinary Laboratories.
Dr Greer withheld my veterinary records for weeks before providing me with incomplete records which do not contain any records for the 6 studs I have frozen semen stored at Veterinary Village LLC/ICSB-WI. After reviewing the records I did receive I have found not only incorrect progesterone results but undocumented progesterone results. Multiple different progesterone results from 4 different blood samples that were mislabeled with incorrect pet identification.
I also found an Artificial insemination procedure left undocumented with no veterinarian listed as performing the procedure. Dr Marty Greer DVM initially said that she would send me a check for a portion of the veterinary fees paid but then went back on her word and never sent me a check. I did receive a letter written by Dr Greer from her Attorney stating that I am required to transfer the frozen Canine semen I have stored to another location. Dr Greer has intentionally withheld the records of the lease agreements for the 6 studs I have frozen semen stored. I have signed her standard contract which states that I have up to 180 days to pay should I become delinquent on payment. I have not received any bills even though I have requested for over a month.
Here is a link to the full complaint filed with the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture


by Koots on 17 April 2020 - 11:04

Wow, sorry to hear about your problematic dealings. AI is very convenient when large distances between stud/bitch are involved, but this requires a good repro vet. Hopefully you can find a good one and get a resolution to your present situation.  Hopefully someone in the area can recommend another vet.


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