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by anderson3250 on 13 November 2015 - 13:11

Hi folks, I recently found a Black scottie dog running in the street so we took it home. He had an outdated rabies tag on, but no other identifiable tags with him. My wife got ahold of a foster who said she would get the dog back to its owners. The next day my wife messages the lady and she lets us know that she handed him over to the rescue that originally had before as he was a previous rescue as well. We thought great, but that was when she let us know that the owner will not be getting the dog back due to his poor condition. Now I've owned dogs my whole life and that dog was not in bad shape. His hair was a little matted up, nothing horrible; and he had fleas, which the owner had a flea collar on him (she said that was archaic and abuse). He is neutered and very well natured, and appeared to be a house dog that got out during our recent wind storm. The rescue then contacted my wife stating the same thing and also said that by the tag his rabies was out of date and reiterated that the owner would not get their dog back. I personally feel this is theft, and the owner should at least get a chance to get their dog back. She also told us to not post anything online that we found him and anything that we did put up she demanded we take it down. Are all rescues like this? They are acting like they are god over this happy little dog.

by joanro on 13 November 2015 - 14:11

Maybe the owner didn't put the new tag on, yet. Agree, those 'rescues' are abusing their label and playing judge and jury. I'd try to find the original owner and let them take the theft up with the 'proper' authorities. Wouldn't Bethe first time a 'rescue' was convicted of dog theft.


by KYLE on 13 November 2015 - 14:11

Not contacting the owner, inquiring about the rabbies tag and dogs condition is bogus. Sounds like they may want to collect another fee for re-homing the dog. Disturbing story.

by Living Fence on 13 November 2015 - 15:11

You were kind hearted to safe guard the dog from the street. But by law you are required to notify police, or, where applicable, Animal Control in your jurisdiction. A dog that is found a stray must be held for the state mandated stray hold period to give the owner a chance to claim the dog upon producing proof of ownership. If the dog is unlicensed and has no utd rabies vaccination, the owner will have to buy a license and the dog will get vaccinated at owner's cost before releasing the dog back to a rightful owner.

Typically impoundment is at a municipal or county pound if the town/county has one, or at a facility that contracts with the township/county, or, at the discretion and responsibility of the Animal Control Officers, at the home of the finder, provided that the finder signs that the dog has to be returned to the owner in case the owner is located during the stray holding period.

"My wife got ahold of a foster" is where the mistake was made. Say you find a wallet or expensive looking piece of jewelry, you would also notify police and it would be kept by the authorities for whatever time the law requires to give the owner a chance to reclaim the property, and for an officer trained in examining proof of ownership to judge whether or not the evidence suffices.

From what you write, the organization that he was given to had him before and placed him. A rescue organization will likely have a clause in the adoption contract that states if the dog is not well taken care of, the organization can repossess it. Some breeders have a similar clause in their sales contract. Of course, what constitutes 'well taken care of' can be a matter of disagreement, and, as any breeder knows, conditional clauses such as 'right of first refusal' etc are difficult to enforce.

by anderson3250 on 14 November 2015 - 19:11

I tried the rescue since that avoids the kill shelters, and they also know who the owner is. Avoiding the city was to avoid there being a chance they would put the dog down. Im still searching for the owner, which im betting is an older person that isn't able to browse the social media sites. Our area is full of older individuals and my wife is really upset now since the rescue has blown her attempts to contact them. The wind storm caused an influx of dogs getting out as it knocked trees and fences down. Thanks for the replies, and I understand that the resues have to be careful, but I also feel it is their duty to get in contact with the owner to clarify any issues that they may see with the animal and give them a chance. At least let them know that their dog is alive and not dead on the road. Oh and you don't have to have permits or licenses to keep dogs her; just vaccines and whatnot.


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