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Alaskan Malamute

Diesel Power Litter B

Due 16 oct 2021

Parents: Ch BLG, MCD, BIH, RUS, SRB, MLD, MNE Zagadka Sibiry United Wencinja and BISB Almaz Iz Berezovogo Kraya Varvara Krasa

Posted by: Sofia Yaroshenko, country: Russia

German Shepherd Dog

Timo/Izzy Fall 2021

Due 20 oct 2021

Parents: Hat Trick von Amalaberg and Izzy von der Felsenburg

Posted by: radlagace, country: Canada

American Staffordshire Terrier

NTF litter fall 2021

Due 28 oct 2021

Parents: CH R-U Popeye and JCH. CH. Nine to Five Sunday Silence

Posted by: Nine To Five, country: Belgium

American Staffordshire Terrier

Tcenniy Prize Autum

Due 30 nov 2021

Parents: Bakaroro & Itubori From Ruffians Island and Tcenniy Prize Delis De Vi

Posted by: izuminka, country: Russia

Karelian Bear Dog


Due 01 dec 2021

Parents: Whysheldon Dell'Amoretto and MultiJrCH, MultiCH, IntCH, EuroCH18, GrandCH PT Bear Busters Cobra

Posted by: Villa Saloia, country: Portugal

German Shepherd Dog

Enkidu x Rose

Due 01 dec 2021

Parents: Diablo's Enkidu Service Dog and Rosie Ann

Posted by: SamZab, country: United States

American Bulldog


Due 01 dec 2021

Parents: Tucker's Bosco and Alicea/Tucker Belle Rose of AliceaAB

Posted by: beefybulldogs, country: United States

American Bulldog

Bailiff - Big Bruno Cross v.2

Due 10 dec 2021

Parents: ThunderBeast’s Raijū and Kamadala's Nala of KRK

Posted by: thunderbeastabs, country: Philippines

German Shepherd Dog

Camada J

Due 11 dec 2021

Parents: V Sastor vom Hühnegrab IPO3 and SG Folixa de LLena

Posted by: Llena, country: Spain

German Shepherd Dog

Litter X

Due 20 dec 2021

Parents: SG1 Sieger Brasil 2018 Osky Mhuramel IGP1 and SG4 JKL Sieger Brasil 2018 Valentina von Ghattas

Posted by: Angelo, country: Brazil


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