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Camada F de Apatzeo

Due 01 sep 2021

Parents: Dylan del Reino de Camelot and Cleopatra SD

Posted by: ponchoelcko, country: Mexico

American Bulldog


Due 01 sep 2021

Parents: Bay Area Bullies Logic PH .27 .35 and TeamBallin “Elliott” Orca of Dream Team

Posted by: ajjenkins75110, country: United States

American Bulldog

OG Litter #1

Due 15 sep 2021

Parents: SEAB Sergeant Ghede Son of VooDoo of Eaton's and SEAB Delightful Darla of Buff Bullies

Posted by: nonova0074, country: United States

Alaskan Malamute

Alaskan Malamute Taloon & Sonia

Due 15 sep 2021

Parents: Ironpride's TALOON OF KING and Arctic Melody Scarlet Sonia

Posted by: Alusia, country: Poland

German Shepherd Dog

A litter

Due 16 sep 2021

Parents: Inigo Von Goedehaus PSA-PDC, PSA1, BH, CGC, TKI, RN, IGP 1 and Rosie Ann

Posted by: SamZab, country: United States

American Staffordshire Terrier

Bébé Bonnie et Lewis

Due 20 sep 2021

Parents: Lord Lewis Electra Glide des Griffes d'Urka and Nelly Little Gold Flower by Gold Black Mountain (Bonnie)

Posted by: salvan, country: France

German Shepherd Dog

B Litter

Due 30 sep 2021

Parents: Balor vom Knighthaus and Rosie Ann

Posted by: SamZab, country: United States

Belgian Malinois

Berry x Torch

Due 01 oct 2021

Parents: Berry Sabathore BH, POLICE K9 and Hellfire von Krigbaum CGCA

Posted by: CopperDog, country: United States


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