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    With 25 years of experience with German Shepherd Dogs, Ritterhund K9s are bred for temperament, trainability, courageousness, and loyalty. These qualities come from impeccable breeding and genetics.

    Ritterhund K9s are bred for soundness and stability. Our dogs will excel in areas such as Executive and Family Protection, Search and Rescue as well as Police and Military K-9. Ritterhund’s German Shepherds are hard, strong, and fast, but they are also loving and loyal family dogs. This is the type of dog that you would want to protect your house and home. This is the type of dog you would want to watch over your wife and children when you leave for the night. These K9s are not for the faint of heart as they are bred to protect their “pack”. A German Shepherd will see their family as their “pack” and will protect at all cost. This same protector will cuddle your toddler and escort your child to the school bus, but have no doubt, if anything should threaten your family, the strength and fierceness that will ensue will be nothing short of fire and fury.

    Ritterhund K9s are bred for soundness of mind, body, and spirit. Our K9s are true ambassadors of Obedience, Protection, and Service. When you become a member of the Ritterhund Family, you are a member for life. We take great pride in our breeding program and continue to strive to go above and beyond for our K9s as well as our customers.

    Our Pedigrees carry the World-Renowned Bomber vom Wolfsheim DNA - Highly sought after genetics that have produced some of the best German Shepherd Dogs in the world. If you are fortunate enough to own a German Shepherd with these genetics, then you understand the difference in these K9s.

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