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by animaldirect on 19 April 2021 - 19:04

Hello, I have found a tool online that based on artificial intelligence to detect dog breeds by uploading their pictures here is the tool **********************************

do you think it is really accurate? or the DNA test is the best method?


******Admin edit. Removed link as far as I can see it is just another site sellinf all sorts of animals, nothing to do with the subject of this thread.  mrdarcy (mod)******


by Hundmutter on 20 April 2021 - 02:04

As your link leads to a site with various animals For Sale, and - as dogs on there not already identified as of a particular breed - are simply described as 'Mixed Breed' (with the exception of one pic that claims it's of a "YORKIE/mixed breed", the short answer to your question would probably be "No it does not seem to be accurate." It certainly does not seem to go in for details as to which breeds might be involved in the history of any particular dog. Using AI instead of DNA, or not. You can SEE these are 'mixed breeds' !

Which is what is claimed for the other 'DNA Tests'; that they will tell you whether a dog / your own dog is e.g. "30% Rottweiler, 30% Standard Poodle, 40% Czesky Terrier" - or whatever: IMO they are a con anyway, so many people have paid to use them and got back results that seemed impossible, or they've had two tests done and got two different answers, or they submitted litter siblings and got ridiculously different results, so personally I would not waste any money on those either.

There are other, proper DNA tests which show whether the parents of a litter are indeed as listed; for establishing pedigrees these are very useful but they depend on having obtained the DNA of all named dogs and bitches in order to match them.


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