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by duke1965 on 01 April 2021 - 15:04

very happy with this promising youngster at 15 weeks, real good on off switch which we miss in a bunch of modern dogs


by bladeedge on 01 April 2021 - 18:04

I think a lot of the the switch is ther but people can not understand the dog and for that matter switch is out of ther reach .Nice looking pup by the way


by Koots on 01 April 2021 - 20:04

I dunno, blade... I think some of the breeding for super-high prey drive creates manageability issues with the dog so far as 'everyday living' is concerned.

I, for one, appreciate a dog that can relax in the house and not seem like it's bouncing off the walls, yet come into drive for when it's time to train. My present dog is one of these, and for me he's a 'just right' combination of drive and 'chill-ability'.

Duke - can you put up his ped on this site? Curious to know where he comes from.

by duke1965 on 02 April 2021 - 02:04

blade, people under estimate genetics and over estimate training, koots is spot on about current desire for malinois like drives in GSD

by duke1965 on 02 April 2021 - 02:04

@ koots, this is brother so same pedigree, I will upload him asap LOL

Lucas Ben-Ju (


by bladeedge on 02 April 2021 - 02:04

Imo very rare cases can a dog not be taught to control it behaviour and switch off .Mali or gs makes no difference if your method is correct .in my humble opinion alot of dogs I see are with the wrong handler .

by duke1965 on 02 April 2021 - 02:04

blade, its same with todays increase of policedog handlers being bitten by their K9, first and foremost its a dog problem, but secondairy, a lot of problems wouldnot happen with more experienced dog handlers,and finally, most of biting incidents are prey/frustration issues, not dominance/agression

by duke1965 on 02 April 2021 - 02:04

also teaching control doesnot make the dog less idiotic, teaching control, doesnot equal off switch


by bladeedge on 02 April 2021 - 02:04

See Duke that is where we may differ .imo control is the switch I done correctly .when I teach my dog to down it eventually will switch his taught process because how I teach is when I say down down will mean down no matter what is going around him .when I bring my dog home and I tell hem over which is me telling him go to your space he now understands liedown and don't be a nuisance and control and positive
and negative corrections have taught him . When I got him he was hard to have in the house very high drive .a joy now. People creat their dogs because it easier but that doesn't fix any problems just puts the away .I do agree alot of police handler should not even be holding a lead never mind a dog.

by duke1965 on 02 April 2021 - 06:04

when we talk off switch, its a state of mind of a dog, where a non switched off dog can be under perfect control, he is still "in drive" which is apples and oranges,, a dog with switch off can be without work longer time were some of todays dogs go trough the roof if not worked regularly, 


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