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by Denee0611 on 13 April 2021 - 12:04

I have a female that was diagnosed with Grade 1 ED. Hips are good and she is DM clear, Embark Tested and DNA performed. I see several pedigrees listed with fair and even poor hips, not to mention the ones that aren’t listed or provide false information. I provided truthful information regarding her elbow grade and was really talked down to because I wanted to breed her. I understand this is not optimal breeding conditions. Her pups are sold to family homes not for working or sport and are limited registration. I would like some honest professional opinions regarding this matter instead of a select few. Would it be beneficial to have them done again or maybe SV done just to make sure? Just asking for friendly advice. TIA

Hired Dog

by Hired Dog on 13 April 2021 - 13:04

My question is, why did you want to breed her? According to you, pups were going to pet homes, which means that the breeding/s will not benefit the GSD breed in any way, so, why?
IF her elbows are iffy, are you telling future owners of possible problems that may come up later on in life, if she passes those elbows on?
I have no problem with breeding dogs, IF you have a goal in mind, if you are trying in some way to produce better animals then what you have right now. Best of luck and take care.

by Denee0611 on 13 April 2021 - 14:04

Thank you for the honesty. I guess I’m being selfish and irresponsible for someone that really wants to be a responsible and honest breeder. I will not plan to breed this particular female again. I don’t want to sell pups that could have potential issues as they age. And thank you for not being especially rude with the information you shared. That is much appreciated.


by Rik on 13 April 2021 - 14:04

unless something has changed, OFA Fair still means no indication of HD, not a little bit of HD. Certainly not excellent but still within the normal range of what OFA considers HD free. and there can be differences of opinion even by the specialists who read the x-rays.

ED can still show up from dogs with passing grades. It got to be such an issue that SV started requiring certification. Depending on what is the cause of the grade a second opinion from SV can't hurt.

good luck,
edit to remove UAP comment as UAP looks to be Grade 3.


by jillmissal on 14 April 2021 - 10:04

There's no reasonable justification for breeding a dog with any joint or structural problems.


by arra on 14 April 2021 - 15:04

Just in regards of the "grading the x-rays", yes I have seen it before that dog had one elbow OFA graded "mild ED" then sent to SV and came back both elbows A normal. So if it is kind of borderline, it really depends on who reads the x-rays. If parents and siblings of such dog don't show any elbow issues then even better. It is not only the individual but more the hole picture of the dog's pedigree. A dog with excellent OFA HD and having siblings that didn't pass OFA could be bad as well. Just to think about.


by Rik on 14 April 2021 - 15:04

arra, imo (in my opinion only) you absolutely nailed it with your comment " If parents and siblings of such dog don't show any elbow issues then even better."

one has to take the whole picture.

personally, I would not breed a dog with bad elbows, but I would not hesitate to get a second opinion on Grade 1 elbows and take into consideration family picture/history.

thanks for your input,



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