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by Hody Sonustun on 05 June 2012 - 12:06

Hi everybody! i need your advise! 
we are living in Tunisia right now and we had a dog amstaff, but the problem is we want to go back to France
and we dont know how to get pedigree and the other papers.
Could you please tell me what should we do ? 
Thanks a lot 

by FromUrcosNotDead on 09 July 2012 - 00:07

like you know it perhaps,we have in France bad BSL and amstaf need to be registred on a studbook,french or foreigner to be imported or coming back legaly on the national territory.If not your dog enter in the first category for "dangerous dog" and can't come in France.If the problem is only you lost his ped,ask another one to his genuine studbook,it costs 35€ to deliver a new one from SCC,giving only his microship number witch he had been registred.
You need to do an anti-rabic vaccin and have a CEE canine passport with all vaccins in order on,also you need an civilian insurance for your dog before taking flight or boat.After in France you will have to do a comportemental test for your dog,and the owner needs a one day instruction in a canine club...a lot of thing to be just a staf owner even you have the dog from many year.It is the famous dangerous dog license made in 2009 by our dear politics...
Do you still want to come in France with your staf lol ?
Welcome back !


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