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by VPKENNELS on 25 December 2011 - 04:12

It should be noted that any so called American Pit Bull Terrier with the blue strain, is not an APBT at all. In the real world you are more likely, though rare, to get an APBT will blue eyes before you would a Blue/Grey one. If you were to take a serious look at the history of the dogs, one would notice that the Blue color has only come about in the last 15 or so years. If you browse through the oldest APBT books, one will notice there are many colors but no Grey/Blue. Not to say that it is imposible to come out with a grey ABPT from breeding Reds Strains to Black Strains but the chances are more than ten million to one and to repeat it consistantly is imposible and to become a dominant color is absolutely absord.

The Blue/Grey dog is a Ban Dogs/American Bullies, which consist of Neopolitan Mastiffs, Kane Corso's, American Bulldogs, etc, bred for collor and size which were heavily bread back into APBT's for shape. So if your dog is has these traits then you should call them what they are. American Bullies/Ban Dogs and breed them with those types of dogs. By calling your Blue/Grey dogs APBT's you do a dis-service to APBT's, American Bullies, and your dogs. This is like giving your dog an identity crisis because those that know about APBT's will laugh at your claim, mocking your dog, calling them PetBulls, Bull Shits, etc, instead of Pit Bulls.  Anything Blue or Grey should not be confused with an APBT. If a APBT is what you want then do your research and one. If you don't believe this claim, call a repetual APBT breeder, tell them what you think you have and they will tell you what you actually have. Also a repetual APBT breeder will not have any Blue/Grey dogs in their yard.

A community has opened up for the Blue/Grey Lovers in the last couple years. They are, The American Bullie Community , though young, they need all of you Blue/Grey lovers to support them as that is what you have.

by BamsGirl on 04 February 2012 - 19:02

interesting, but mine doesnt resemble a bully at all, he is tall and lean, not short and wide. There are also Blue Am staffs in AKC not many but they are there, and Blue Dobermans too. This is a diluted black according to the Doberman breeders. I will have to look into this further thanks.

by MrSchultz on 15 February 2012 - 15:02

 I would like to say that I somewhat disagree with the possibility of it being almost impossible to truly have a APBT that is blue. I would like to say first that I do not at all like a blue dog or think that it is a good example of good conformation for color in my eyes its the same as a merle. I like a dog true to the original, lean, game and not at all a giant. I have some interesting info that may be debatable, but it is what I know as a recessed gene that over time will show up and also be a dominant trait for a few generations. I have seen this myself in a good friends line whom is a veteran of great old family reds with 40 years of adba dogs. These are some of the dogs look them up and judge for yourself, but the first dog I mention and the 3 generations after were blue that eventually faded back to a brownish red. They are  from a breeder in Joliet,IL Mike Rudney  Rudney's "Charlie Blue" hence the name, sired by Rudney's "Pride of Joiliet", and here are some other dogs associated with his line Rudney's "Miss Priss", Rosch's "Royal Rex", Rosch's CH "Tantor". I will say that these dogs were great dogs and from good lines. I hope this will shed some light on the Blues, but it is rare and the dogs mostly called blue are a mutt. I have a buckskin Lonzo, Halls, Crenshaw dog that will be showing this year. I don't want, have or am interested in a blue dog, but they are possible but it won't last long. Hope this helps!!

by VPKENNELS on 14 March 2012 - 04:03

The true American Pitbull Terrier is one of the best dogs ever bred by man. The dogs have everything anyone could ask of a dog. They are courageously, agile, suffer from very little health problems, etc. I don't think there is really no better design of dog out there. Terrier is often confused with dog aggressiveness. What ever you train these dogs to do they do it relentlessly so if you train them to be dog aggressive they will be. if you train them to be actors, they will be. If you train them to do anything they will do it relentlessly. That is what makes them what they are. It's not that they attack more people then other breeds, the factor that affects them is that when they do attack something it can be severe. They are 100% muscle and have target vision so what ever you train them to do they will target it with all of their heart. So if you just train them to love they will love relentlessly.

I don't disagree that it is possible to breed and get a Blue dog once in a while but this trend that has taken place with blue everywhere is what it is breed crossing into breeds that have that color back to Pits. Some have been bred into more Pit and some have been bred more Bully but the bottom line is that the crossing is in there and in there hard.


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