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by dea1219 on 09 April 2021 - 16:04

I was wondering thoughts from those familiar with hip X-rays. 10 month intact male GSD with what seems to be pano limps, so had X-rays done front and back while he was under. Vet states it appears to be pano in front but that right hip looks more shallow than left and could cause issues in the future. I think I see it, but not sure what it means for him.  Was just wondering what those on the forum can tell as to the quality of this pup’s hips. If he were an adult, what would his rating likely be? Thanks in advance for everyone’s time.



by BlackthornGSD on 10 April 2021 - 21:04

I wouldn't worry too much about one hip appearing more shallow than the other. The films are not straight, so you can't compare the two hips with each other (remember, you are looking at a 3 dimensional structure via a 2 dimensional image, so it's like taking a picture of the top of a drinking glass from two slightly different angles -- now, is the cup round or is it oval?)

Both hips look clear of degenerative changes and look fairly well seated -- you'd need better films to be able to grade them, but I would expect them to be likely to get a passing grade from OFA.



by Rik on 10 April 2021 - 23:04

pano shows up on the long bones and it can "travel" or affect different limbs not at the same time, I did have quite a bit of experience with it in the past.

I am no expert on reading hip xrays, but I do think BT is correct on that it's a poorly positioned film and really nothing stands out to suggest there is a problem with them.



by Jenni78 on 12 April 2021 - 11:04

I'm not going to be as diplomatic as Rik and Christine. Vet has no idea what he's talking about. The pelvis is plenty straight for these to be diagnostic, actually, so kudos to him on that, but the legs are not at all in proper position for evaluation. Sockets are shallow, but femoral heads are well seated and show zero signs of remodeling. There is nothing wrong with this dog except pano.

by jillmissal on 14 April 2021 - 10:04

I'll give the same answer as always, no one here has the qualifications to assess radiographs and you should listen to your vet. If you don't believe that vet go to another vet.


by Rik on 14 April 2021 - 18:04

complete Bull Shit.

you are saying there are people here who cannot recognize bad positioning? deep/shallow hip? remodeling? sorry, but yes, there are people here who have years more "experience" than many vets on this issue.

there are many vets who not only can't evaluate x-rays, they cannot take/present proper rays to OFA.

Most x-rays , and also penn hip I did, I asked Fred to assist the vet because I wanted them correct. and he was not a vet, but he is absolutely an expert on good/bad.

as always
but quickly failing,

by jillmissal on 14 April 2021 - 20:04

there are people here who have years more "experience" than many vets on this issue.

I'm sorry what? That is nothing short of comical. Reading radiographs requires training and education and THEN experience. If you are not a veterinary professional you have naught the first two requirements. You might take a lucky guess or two but you have no business making proclamations or claiming to be able to read radiographs. I can't believe this is even a debate on this topic. Even veterinarians send out radiographs to more high-qualified people (never to laypeople, which you most certainly are). 


by Koots on 15 April 2021 - 09:04

So, with that being said Jill - have you NEVER made any comment about ANY xrays presented on this board? Hmmmmmm? Just wondering if you're being a hypocrite with your proselytizing.


by Sunsilver on 15 April 2021 - 10:04

In case anyone is wondering who Fred is, he's the guy who wrote this book:  Gee, ya think he might know a thing or two??

After you look at enough hip x-rays, a layperson can quite easily begin to tell bad hips from good. I knew the moment I saw the x-ray of one of my females that she likely wouldn't pass OFA, and I WAS RIGHT! 

I totally agree with Jenni, Rik and Christine's assessment of that x-ray. The positioning of the legs sucks, but the hips look to be passing grade, most likely fair due to the shallow sockets.

by jillmissal on 16 April 2021 - 18:04

So, with that being said Jill - have you NEVER made any comment about ANY xrays presented on this board? Hmmmmmm? Just wondering if you're being a hypocrite with your proselytizing.

Nope, because every single time I've made an x ray comment I've included the caveat that I'm not a trained professional let alone a vet or a radiologist. Even the vets defer to the radiologists. Everyone else is guessing. It can be fun to guess but that's all it is. 

I have seen laypeople post x rays on other boards crowing about how "wrong the vets/doctors were" thinking they can read a film, when an actual vet pipes up to tell them actually their dog/son/husband/whoever had a broken bone that went untreated because people thought it was easy to look at an x ray. 

The way that people want to make definitive statements about things they are absolutely untrained to do is just scary and does need to be challenged. 


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