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by Zachary on 23 March 2013 - 13:03

You may need to copy and paste Above Link into your browser for many photos documenting their cowardice and lack of gameness ie Grit.

I never realized the Airedale Breed was in such bad shape in America...

As to their gameness, Stonehenge,  in his “Dogs of the British Isles,” gave Airedales a very bad character indeed, so far as courage was concerned.

“Airedale terriers are a Failure.
The result of my experiences of them is that I find them to have good noses, they will beat a hedgerow, will find and kill rats and rabbits, and work well with ferrets. They are good water dogs and companions, possessing a fair amount of intelligence.
This is the sum total of their excellence. They came to me with a great reputation for gameness, but out of fourteen that I have personally tried at badger and fighting with a bull terrier, I have Never found one game – at least, to my idea of the word.’

‘But any terrier that would do the above work better than another would be worth keeping. Were a dog like he of 45 1b. weight or more to be used at a badger he should kill the poor brute instead of merely “drawing” him.’

This is strong speaking, but this gentleman’s experiences corroborate every word of what has gone before, and the woeful exhibition made by some Airedales when tried at a badger at Wolverhampton last January was literally the laugh of the show.

So far, I am aware that my endeavours to supply information about the origin of the Airedale have not been attended with success, but upon the merits of the breed I can speak with more authority, having had the benefit of the experience of a gentleman who took it up some short time back from the glowing accounts he had heard of its gameness and bottom. The result was most Mortifying.

He could make nothing of the dogs, and was heartily glad to get rid of them. Prom what he tells me concerning Airedales, I have no doubt that they potter about the banks of a river, and take water well, and that they will kill rats, which, as they scale from 401b. to 501b., is not much in their favour.

I think that those individuals who at Wolverhampton show about 1883 made a semi-public exhibition of him against a badger, an animal the like of which the poor dog had never seen before, were extremely badly advised.

As for fighting, any terrier fond of it is a nuisance to his owner and to the owner of any other dog.
For the Airedale terrier was claimed superiority as a worker of the riverside after rats, and as an assistant to the gun in working hedgerows and thick coppices, which, it was said, he could do ‘better than a spaniel and take up less room than a retriever.’

‘I will even go further, and admit that specimens may be produced which will tackle a badger under protest; but not another step will I go in favour of the Airedales as a game, hard-bitten race.
Summing up the merits and demerits of the breed, it must be said of the Airedale that his want of heart, his size, the diversity of types, and tendency to throw back in breeding, are great drawbacks, which his fondness for water, scarcely out-balances.’

Therefore, when we find, as I believe we can, that a wire-haired Scotch, Dandie Dinmont, Skye, Irish, or small bull terrier possesses all the gameness of the Airedale (in addition to which they take up one quarter of the room, and can go to earth), the question only remains, ” Why keep an Airedale ?


by Bhaugh on 23 March 2013 - 14:03

Ive worked with a few and most were aggressive with humans. I like them but am wary since I have yet to find one that had a good nature and I felt comfortable to turn my back.


by Zachary on 23 March 2013 - 18:03

Thats Interesting Barb.
I always had heard that the word HUNTING AIREALE was an OXYMORON and that they were NOT agressive.

This guy in California, Highcountry, had an internet wager his dogs would bite Dave Colburn on Working Dogs forum. Told him to watch his face.
Apparently, Dave flew to California to test them.
This is the result....its sad really.  2000 puppies, $950 per, no testing, no evals.

by hexe on 23 March 2013 - 23:03


I could not be any more disgusted with the whole 'my dog breed/strain/line is more bad-ass than yours' crap...  Funny how rarely you find two women engaged in that kind of trash-talk. Have met some surly Airedales, and some perfectly lovely ones that suited their people just fine.  Found the photo of dogs holding at bay the 'wild' boar which was sporting the natural 'marking' of a pink eartag especially revolting. 


GSD Lineage

by GSD Lineage on 24 March 2013 - 03:03

Testing Embed


by Rik on 24 March 2013 - 09:03

the High Country guy makes all sorts of claims for his dogs, fearless on bear, cougar, hogs, ultimate man stopper that have pretty much been debunked. Looks like he is just another puppy mill with junk.

the dog bailing out of the truck was hilarious.

by joanro on 24 March 2013 - 11:03

So where's Arthus Von Bella Donna. Looked Pretty good to me. People bragging on their dogs, though, should make sure the dogs are in on it. ;-/

by hexe on 24 March 2013 - 15:03

<LOL> joanro, too true--though I suspect if the people told their dogs about it, the dogs would tell 'em to go to hell...'cause that kind of crap doesn't matter to dogs. 

by joanro on 24 March 2013 - 15:03

Oh, yeah it does Hexe. I have/had dogs that would brag and prove how good they are at THEIR version of obedience routine ! LOL


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