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by David123 on 02 June 2011 - 03:06

Highcountry, is a website operator, (much of his time is devoted to web boards with 1000s of posts)  has been breeding over 20 years, according to his site.
And over 10 generations which translates intoThousands of Dogs.  Usually he has 15-20 dogs at all times. 
What seems interesting is that while he claims to be a 'hunting'/working' kennel, he does not own any Hunting dogs at present, Nor has he hunted his dogs in years and for many generations. 
This was outed on a hunting web board.

His 'photos' of farm pigs being molested, consist of fat sows chasing and intimidating his dogs, and most are nearly 2 decades old-grainy pics.

Highcountry (Don Turnipseed), is excellent at marketing, as stated, he has produced a few  thousand puppies in 20 years, but yet  titles on his dogs are more Rare than a 4 leaf clover, other that a 'Therapy' dog (Dog that likes to be petted) and an obedience title.  
Thousands of pups and has 2-3 titles to his kennel name.  Thats it.

Highcountry for lack of a better description appears to be a small time Puppy Mill, no hip checks in that time,  his females are never tested or hunted,  they are only 'brood 'mares' confined to pens to ring the register for profits.
Its a Sad commentary, but facts are facts.

Last time he tried to prove he had hunting dogs, he got a male dog killed. 
He seems to breed decent looking conformation show- type dogs that he claims hunt, but has been exposed on many forums.

The Business of kennels like these are is related to one thing...Dollars.
His motive is profit, not working ability, improving the breed, not love of dogs.

I had begun seeking an Airedale and began to do some research and was alerted to some things that I found troubling.
They are rare, but I have located a few are small time, Family Hobby hunting airedale breeders-small time guys still working dogs, and that is where Im looking, unless I go to Europe to import.  Still many fine dogs over there.
If anyone else has any pertinant info, please share it as the dog community needs to police its own.
Thank you

by lovesdogs on 20 June 2011 - 18:06

The information out there re: Airedales is very confusing.  The standard Airedale people say this and the Oorang people say that.  Highcountry seems to favor the Oorang style of dog, if there even is such a verifiable thing.  Any other such questionable operations out there in California that you know of?  I believe in buyer beware but how does one educate themselves with reliable information?

by David123 on 28 June 2011 - 21:06

I think one best educates himself WITH references of Others that truly Hunt and work their dogs, not go off of aged photos that are decades old, or take the breeders word for it.
We know what that is worth in most cases.

This was a recent post on a hunting blog:

The Coyotegods pup (6 weeks) was 500.00, and the Highcountry pup was 950.00 + 500.00 shipping.
First dog was also psyco and was eventually put-down, second dog I still have and has a great temperment, but if I hunt him more than three day's per week,(one hour per), he "lame's up" and is useless.
Mike B.

by David123 on 22 July 2011 - 21:07

Other statements from Highcountry Airedale concerning his dogs and his foundation female, a dogfighter and people biter.

'Can I hunt my dogs with others? You know I can't...'


"You like to stick the boot into other people don't you?
Hotshot. "
I just noticed the "hotshot" Margaret.....and yes, they know what it is. I use it to break up fights for good reason.
One of those wives was convinced that two of my females just needed her expertise on animal behavior and thought she could control them when she put them in the same yard. I got a call at work and went straight home shortly after her experament. One dog had both front legs ripped open from both ankle joints to the upper joint.

I could see every leg muscle in there.
The other had about twenty puncture wounds to one side of her head because she was blind on that side.
Had she not been blind I suspect she would have sustained little to no damage because she was of my breeding , the other was out of a totally different hunting line that I got 6 mo earlier as an adult.

The wife had several broken fingers and severed tendons in her hand. The result was 10 days in the hospital for the wife who also ended up with pleurisy which in turn resulted in a heart attack while in the hospital stemming from the severe bruising on her legs.

All which occured within a minute or so while trying to break these to females up. $35,000.00 medical bill on the wife. $1500.00 vet bill on the dogs. Actually the divorce stemmed from the fact that I rushed both dogs to the vet and told the ex that she could drive just fine with one hand.
No Margaret I don't kick my dogs and I will stop using the hotshot to curtail fights if you would like to come over here and stop them with some of your dog phsycology that you read somewhere.'

by David123 on 24 July 2011 - 01:07

'Do I sell to a lot of hunters, no, they don't want to pay the price for a dog that may not survive the first hunt.'

by David123 on 02 August 2011 - 01:08

From a Highcountry customer and hunter..

'I had one Airedale from Coyotegods and the one I have now is from Highcountry.
They both Tuck-tail and Run from coyote's, and they aint decoying.'


by David123 on 19 September 2011 - 00:09

Highcountry was bragging up his dogs as protection dogs on WORKING DOGS FORUM, and very good dog trainer named Dave Colburn took him up on his challenge.
Don T. said his dogs would naturally protect him when threatened in a car or the yard, with no training. Dave took his challenge and traveled from Ohio to California and taped the encounter.
Here is what happened in Don T.s words on Sept 18, 2011 on WDF

'I don't care if they (Vidoes) are posted or not. There was nothing on them but the dogs avoiding Dave.
I learned a lot and didn't even realize it until later after Dave and Ariel had left. I have never seen the dogs react the way they did.

Titan came off the deck when I fell......Dave was going toward him. Titan when straight up the hill about 15 to 20 yards stopped, turned around and watched Dave.'

In enquiring about Airedales, I learned that his kennel has dogs that run FROM
Badgers, 25# coyotes, Javelinas and Intruders.

I cant figure out his breeding criteria...I really cant. 
300 litters and 25 years of inbreeding, and advertised at $950 a pup + Shipping.


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