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by White Ice Wolfs on 08 December 2011 - 12:12

I not have put this ???? , its a question,!!!
I don't know about that,

by ocwm on 03 February 2012 - 03:02

@tell the truth

Thank you so much for detailed information!


by Neigepearl on 23 February 2012 - 02:02

I have not bothered reading all the rumors etc that people have posted on here. I scanned over some and can only come to the conclusion that there really are some mentally unstable people on here who have dedicated so much time to try and defame me. It just makes me laugh now days, how wrong you are and how you can't even get your facts straight.

The page about Toby on my website is absolutely TRUE and I took legal action against the person who bought him because they did not pay for him.

The people on here who are posting otherwise are just people who do not like me personally and like to make trouble and lies up.... Nothing new there! These are the same people who caused a rukkus on here years ago and can't admit who they really are. Just trouble makers who hide behind anonymous names on a computer.

I love how people have look back to the White Shepherd Association Newsletter from 2002 and tried to blame me for what committee put forward as a pricing guideline! hahaha! Yes, all bad things that happen, blame me - not the rest of the committee hey!.... lol!

Someone needs a hobby or a day job and stop wasting time on something that happened in 2006 (6 years ago), where a dogey dwarf ripped me off to the point I took legal action to get all my money back.

If the dog wasn't so good, why was he accepted as a FCI White Swiss Shepherd and has he sired litters in Sweden?

Stop your complaining you jealous mugs and look in your own backyard before speaking on situations you know nothing about. lol

by Hundmutter on 28 April 2012 - 08:04

I don't know if you are likely to return to this thread after nearly 2 months, but this needs saying:

IMO  we should cut through ALL the crap on here and go back to the beginning of this story, and ask you some questions.
You are in Victoria, Australia, and you bought Toby from somewhere in New South Wales because
you knew he was in need, and because he originated as a puppy sired by a dog (Neo) you had bred and sold to the NSW owner.

So far, so righteous.
But it goes downhill all the way from here.  You say "Toby was born from an accidental litter", as Neo's owner had a bitch (B. Trinity).  Trinity was "older", but had not been x-ray'd.  Neo hadn't either because he was 6 months old at the time.  (You say you persuaded them to have it done by the time he was a year old - around the time you were removing Toby and the owner was having to move home ?)
I can hear the sound of a stable-door being firmly bolted !      You do not condone breeding irresponsibly in this way, nor would you have sold 3 litter-mates to one home.

"Neo's owners tried to hide further litters they had bred" (and told buyers not to contact you about their pups).  SO HOW 'ACCIDENTAL' WAS THE MATING THAT PRODUCED TOBY ?

Victoria and NSW are adjoining states; from Melbourne in the extreme south to Lismore at the northern extreme, it is almost 700 miles.  I have heard of peopletravelling as far to Shows, or to use the Stud of their choice.  But, okay, you didn't fancy the journey, for rescuing dogs, and relied on your 'dear friend Rachel' to assess the dog and pick him up.

I note also  BTW  that later you say you travelled up to NSW to visit Toby in the Alpinarc kennel while he was awaiting export bloodwork to travel to Sweden;  and that was where he did all the
damage, and sired an 'accidental' litter himself.
And here you are, already promising grand-get to Alpinarc in lieu of fees.

The Swedish breeder expressed interest just before this, in the "few days" while he was living with Rachel.  HOW ? DID SHE HAPPEN TO SEE HIM BY ACCIDENT ?  OR WAS HE BEING ADVERTISED ON THE 'NET ALREADY ?
And then the rest of the sorry story started.  The'deal' with kennel Ciwi was you paid all necessaries to ship Toby out, in exchange for a promise on a puppy of his (wow, Toby must have already showed himself some dog!) from ANY EUROPEAN KENNEL.  You got ALL of them to agree to that ???  All the breeders of Whites in Europe agreed if they put a bitch to 'your'/Ciwi's dog they would hand over one of the pups ?   And then, when he got there, Toby was living with somebody else entirely.  Poor dog.     No wonder "relationship breakdowns" occurred, you all strike me as "a right shower"!  But I wouldn't expect anything else, given the whole of White Shepherd history.      Linda Swift. 


by Hundmutter on 28 April 2012 - 08:04

And just for the record, I don't know you from Eve, I have no grudge or jealousy against you, no axe to grind.  What I have asked, anybody could .

by tell the truth on 09 May 2012 - 02:05

Hundmutter ... I think the sisters were flown to Victorian ... one was rehomed straight away (I think) and Neigepearl kept one for a while to assess her future and then she was rehomed ... 


by Hundmutter on 09 May 2012 - 16:05

Thank you, TellThe Truth.  Anyone happen to know if anybody eventually registered any puppies off either of the sisters anywhere ?

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