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 Ultimate von Gut Korten - obedience & protection 3-4 monthsdenissoldan13760 
 Jasko von der Schillerstraße - first protectiondenissoldan252323 months ago by Western Rider >> (goto)
 Conny Kominicek - protection 10 monthsdenissoldan272114 months ago by Gustav >> (goto)
 MoneY vom Eisernen Kreuz - obedience & protection 10-13 weeksdenissoldan527744 months ago by denissoldan >> (goto)
 Gremlin's Finn - protection 11/2017denissoldan332314 months ago by deacon >> (goto)
 Azul vom Vildav - protection 11/2017denissoldan34080 
 Daika vom Schützenbruch - protection 11/2017denissoldan412935 months ago by Koach >> (goto)
 Daika vom Schützenbruch - short obedience 10/2017denissoldan325125 months ago by Koach >> (goto)
 MoneY vom Eisernen Kreuz - first days - pages | 2| denissoldan13211106 months ago by Koots >> (goto)
 Training the Bark and Hold - pages | 2| 3| 4| Sunsilver18498367 months ago by ValK >> (goto)
 Ixtrem vom Eisernen Kreuz - protection 9/2017denissoldan712057 months ago by Charles A Countess >> (goto)
 Cadaver dog trainingsdchargers605698 months ago by sdchargers >> (goto)
 Focus Heeling - pages | 2| boogieoogie9166129 months ago by Vito Andolini >> (goto)
 How to make a spring pole - how to build up staminaboogieoogie533869 months ago by Centurian >> (goto)
 Introducing TrackingMNicoleM5381110 months ago by yogidog >> (goto)
 Pia van het Dreiland - short protectiondenissoldan6791310 months ago by deacon >> (goto)
 Titling a dog overseas - pages | 2| Shawnicus141941812 months ago by vk4gsd >> (goto)

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