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Pedigree Database

German Shepherd DogTrue North's Minka von BonnauBeautiful! ....3.2 years ago
German Shepherd DogV Bruna vom Beerenhof SCHH1This gorgeous female is owned by Spartanville Shepherds. ....7.2 years ago
German Shepherd DogV Ajax vom Brandsteig SchH3This dog has a forever home with me...he is not for sale. ....8.4 years ago
German Shepherd DogBarrrrrrThis is a gorgeous black male out of Puck x Bea from Spartanville Shepherds...why did you not keep his kennel name intact? What a dishonest thing to do! ....9.1 years ago
German Shepherd DogSG Isabelle Provocativo ZVV1Coming to Spartanville Shepherds...exciting :) ....8.7 years ago
German Shepherd DogBarrrrrrI did sell this dog to Tanya. I am very, very upset with the breech of contract, as I am sure you are. This is unacceptable business ethics at it's best...or worst. What goes around, comes around, and it will here, too. ....9.1 years ago


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