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German Shepherd DogZyra von den blauen BergenBeginning puppy training 12 weeks old. ....8.5 years ago
German Shepherd DogStella von den blauen Bergen BHCongratulations earning your BH at Schutzhund Village's 2009 Fall Trial! ....8.9 years ago
German Shepherd DogV Ronaldo von Arlett SCHH3Hello Mauren, Ronaldo is here with me in VA. I'm expecting a litter from him in 6 weeks. Ronaldo is a very special dog. I met with his breeder Petra in Osnabruk a couple months ago. Ronaldo was her house dog and we talked about his retirement. She was very fond of him and asked if I would consider returning him to her when he retires. I promised her I would send him back to her when he retires. It's nice of you to think of him but he has a forever retirement home with his breeder back in Germany in the kennel where he was born and raised. ....9.4 years ago
German Shepherd DogSG1 JHKLH (BSZS '09) Heike vom Osterberger-Land SCHH3Congratulations to the owner and breeder of this excellent female. Good luck in Ulm! ....9.6 years ago
German Shepherd DogV Ursus vom Emkendorfer Park SCHH2National #1 2003 WDA North American Sieger Show. ....9.4 years ago
German Shepherd DogCzekiel von der SaukCongratulations Brett on your second National Vice Sieger placement at the 2008 NASS! ....9.8 years ago
German Shepherd DogCitta vom Windy RidgeVideo of Citta learning obedience at 7 weeks old. ....10.7 years ago
German Shepherd DogSG Ando vom Windy Ridge SCHH3You should see him now, progressing very nicely. No surprise, excellent trainer. Look at his pedigree,,,Vando. ....11.1 years ago
German Shepherd DogVA5 Nero vom Nöbachtal SCHH3Considering the large amount of excellent Nero offspring and the demand for the Nero males,,,,I'm not sure the breed was best served by banning SOME of his progeny. ....11.2 years ago
German Shepherd DogYesko von den blauen BergenYesko leads police to robbers, update from his owner. ...."Yesko is currently her hero. She lives in a not so good neighborhood in Columbus. Last week her and her friend were almost robbed but Yesko saved the day. Not only did he scare them away he chased them down because as the robbers were leaving they took her and her roomate's bikes. He led her and the police right to were the guys were hiding...a church if you can believe that. She said the whole time he was just growling and staring. She says the coolest thing about Yesko is that he can and does play ball with the young neighbor kids but he also seems to just know when someone is bad and at that point turns on his I am "bad" switch." ....10.9 years ago
German Shepherd DogVA1 UK Sieger 09, VA3 Irish Sieger 08, V27 BSZS 08 Balko vom Gleisenauer Schloß SCHH3Definitely a dog to watch! Good luck at the sieger show! ....11.3 years ago
German Shepherd DogV Jitta von Batu SCHH1The current picture of Jitta is not Laola. ....11.8 years ago
German Shepherd DogVA Ronaldo vom Zellergrund SCHH3Thanks, I replaced the posted picture from the Canadian Sieger Show with the picture used in the SV magazine taken in Karlsruhe. ....11.6 years ago
German Shepherd DogGinger vom FallsviewShe's not mine. I met Yenti in Paderborn when she was about 6 months old. She had bone like a male with a femanine look. Really an impressive looking female. Turns out she did well at the sieger show and went to SchH3 with a1 hips. Pretty nice package in a female. I like some of what I have seen from Yoker too. I'll be watching this litter to see how they develop. ....11.9 years ago
German Shepherd DogGinger vom FallsviewThis could be a very good litter. ....11.9 years ago
German Shepherd DogV16 Campino von der Piste Trophe SCHH3Campino competed in a show before the SV highlights were completed. Here's the result. 12.09.2004 Helmstedt OG JKR SG 1 He's at least a SchH1. Hips and Elbows are both normal so he's a breeder starting today his second birthday once he has his survey if he doesn't already have it. Limp didn't seem to hurt his place, SG19 without being shown pre sieger show. Not many do that. His stud book should fill soon. Watch the SV SID deck results to see what the breeders think of him. ....13.6 years ago
German Shepherd DogV16 Campino von der Piste Trophe SCHH3The picture in the SV magazine is his, and other dogs more natural color. His color is excellent. I was able to spend about 20 minutes with him in Karlsruhe. ....13.6 years ago
German Shepherd DogV6 (INDIA) Vendor vom Haus DexelA good litter from the Haus Dexel kennel. Sister Villa was SG51 in Ulm last year. She's titled and surveyed. Brother Vandor grew too big. Sister Vella is titled and surveyed also. Should be interesting to breed with considering Orbit and the connection to the P Haus Dexel litter. ....14.1 years ago
German Shepherd DogVA3 BSZS 2001 Enschi von der Piste Trophe SCHH3,IPO3Excellent pups from the Larus Batu litter. Check out Inga Agassiz. Not a good picture, but it's hard to get her to hold still. Enschi is back in Germany and will be bred in about 10 days. Four males in mind, selection of the male will be by her breeder. ....14.5 years ago
German Shepherd DogV16 Campino von der Piste Trophe SCHH3Campino was there, SG19. He would not have been out of place in the top 5. This is a dog to watch develop in the next few years. He's already top quality. Simply beautiful. I was able to spend a little time with him at the show. He's nice! ....14.2 years ago
German Shepherd DogVA2 Quenn vom Löher Weg SCHH3, FHConsidered by many respected breeders/judges to be by far the best your male in Germany at this time. ....14.1 years ago
German Shepherd Dog2X VA1 Larus von Batu SCHH3There are many comments about a dogs production when they first show what they are producing. You never hear the good ones. From sieger to sieger there is always the question what has he produced? It's always like this. To go beyond the drift of the internet. Just look at some results and draw your own conclusions. Under Mr. Scheerer, seven of the first 50 dogs at the sieger show in the JHKR were from Larus. Under Mr. Zygato in the JHKH, five of the first 50 were from Larus. That's better than 10% of the top group from Larus. Larus is not perfect, what he produces is not perfect. No dog is. For many he is an interesting male. He is the only sieger that has a sieger for a father and a grandfather. In the US his offspring did well at our sieger shows. At our USA sieger show, three of the four youth siegers/siegerins were from Larus. At our WDA sieger Show, one of the 4 were. Many throw out politics. There's obviously the appearance to many since Larus is sieger by his breeder. Remember it was not his breeder that put him SG1, 2001 or in the VA group. 2002. As with all dogs, breed to them if you think it's a good male for your female. ....14 years ago
German Shepherd DogV Odin vom Suentelstein SCHH1You can e mail me at ....14.5 years ago
German Shepherd DogV Odin vom Suentelstein SCHH1Dynesh, He's a very nice Jaguar son. Hinrich Muller is his breeder and owner. Contact me if you would like more information about him. ....14.5 years ago
German Shepherd DogVA3 (US) Jaguar von der Mäusespitz SchH3, IPO3,One judges opinion of the dog is the reason most of the time. Check out Fritz. Spectacular animal in many respects. Lots of breeders like him, lots of judges like him. He has a lot to offer. One judge in particular didn't. The reasons were all legit, by the book, no one disputed them. So in this judges eye, it was not his type of dog. This opinion surfaced in the shows prior to the sieger show. So Fritz along with many others in the same situation, went to the show, showed their stuff, became ill and left the show letting the breeders in Germany decide the popularity of their dog based on what they saw. So for a quick evaluation of a dog, consider three things. Sieger show placing. It's a good general indication of the dogs quality give or take. Show placings are important to a lot of people, after all it's probably the most accessable piece of information available to the public. Second, look at the results from the shows overall. Most dogs have been shown enough times to get an overall feel for it's quality. See what judges it was shown under also. If it's the same judge over and over it may be a good dog in only one judges opinion. If it is 6 times SG1 and 2 SG2, 3 times V1` and one V3 under 10 judges, Chances are it is a solid dog. This information is available on the SV CD's of the sieger show. Third examine the opinion of the breeders across Germany. This may be a little more difficult. The SID has this information. Find out which dogs are going to which males. If a male has 3 VA females, the best dogs owned by the best kennels going to him and a large number of breedings. Chances are the breeders like the dog. It's not a perfect system, but it's a whole lot better than looking at a picture and listening to a sales pitch. ....14.6 years ago

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