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German Shepherd DogENTER YOUR DOGS - GERMAN SIEGER SHOW (BSZS) 20128.6 years ago
German Shepherd DogAUSTRALIA8.7 years ago
German Shepherd DogTesting out new registration process9.2 years ago
Main australia10 years ago
Main BSZS Critique 10.9 years ago
German Shepherd DogWho here weighs their puppies from birth?11.2 years ago
MainVA1 (PE)SG4 ( BSHZS) Xaro von Ben Harten11.2 years ago
MainDo pups dissolve in case of abortion11.4 years ago
German Shepherd Dog2009 BSZS speculation11.4 years ago
German Shepherd Dog2009 BSZS speculation11.4 years ago
MainBAD Person: Frank Borowski11.7 years ago
MainDito van Noort's daughter is ill11.7 years ago
MainBorowskis Märchenstunde / Delma vom Trompetersprung12.5 years ago
MainChanges to the website + new Logo12.7 years ago
MainNando is a big dog, no question. I have stood n12.7 years ago
MainPuppies refusing to eat food12.7 years ago
MainI am looking for Mara v,Trompetersprung12.8 years ago
MainZamp v Thermodos Wins best male Crufts 200812.9 years ago
MainIf you could have one GSD which would it be?12.9 years ago
MainWhere is everone from???12.9 years ago
MainSony vom Heinrichplatz12.9 years ago
MainDominant male dominates me!13 years ago
MainFemale on female fighting13 years ago
MainP.E.T. G.S.D13.2 years ago
MainCar sickness I need help13.2 years ago


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