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German Shepherd DogVA12, VA (E) Farha de Azircan SCHH3Late but finally we have puppies from Farha!!!!! Thank you Roy Terrae Lupiae :-) ....9.2 years ago
German Shepherd DogV1,V 20 BSZS 2010 Pardo vom Baruther Land SCHH 3Congratulations for the great place achieved in Ulm, Super Dog and better owners ;) Hope to see you soon! many greetings, Junior ....11.2 years ago
German Shepherd DogEbafarmens Indysomeone knows where is located this female? ....11.9 years ago
German Shepherd DogVA12, VA (E) Farha de Azircan SCHH3 Farha siegerin JHKLH Spain 2008! ....12.1 years ago
German Shepherd DogSG4 Greif von der Karl-May Höhle SCHH3the owner is dietmar Schusler, I lost his telefon number but maybe I can find out. Defenetly he is the best son from Orbit, superb male and in the ring he moves super! Surely he is coming in the first 15 in 2007 siegershow! ....13.4 years ago
German Shepherd DogV Legolas von Aducht SCHH1This dog is in our kennel in Spain, ....13.3 years ago
German Shepherd DogV(LGZS) Zasko vom Thermodos SchH3We have uploded a new picture from zasko. He is actually in Spain and if you want to know about him you can visit Regards from Spain. ....15.1 years ago
German Shepherd DogVA1 SPAIN Trixi vom Schacher SCHH3Super Trixi! V4 Germany 2004 VA2 Spain 2005 VA1 Portugal 2006 Thank you Trixi! ....15 years ago
German Shepherd DogVA1 Pakros d'Ulmental SchH3, IPO3I have a son from Pakros of 9 months for sale. You can see him in the database: Vidock du domaine du val d'Aulnoy. Anybody interested please mail me to: ....16 years ago


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