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by LOVE THY SHEPHERD on 30 January 2021 - 14:01


by rakeshausky on 02 February 2021 - 20:02

Depends on what dog you’re looking at...I could shed some insight.


by rakeshausky on 07 February 2021 - 10:02

I sure hope that whoever bought Cowboy Vom Wilson Haus had his semen tested, because with his previous owner he was never able to get three different females pregnant and was bred once with Wojciech and didn’t get that female pregnant either. Also, according to his previous owners he was terrified of storms to the point he had to be contained in an impact crate.

by WernerC on 10 February 2021 - 13:02

Cowboy once produced in the past and at that time he didn't require an impact crate. He was perfectly fine in a wire crate. He was boarded with some dogs in TN he was sold from TN to the person you are talking about. The other male dog came back to the original owner. All the sudden semen bad (also produced before). Further testing showed it was from the living conditions and within two months of medication it went away. His original sperm count was 0 and then after two months it was 597 million TSN ~ 85% PM. Wojtek was told this from me to check for this after he said she didn't take as I told him what had happened to my male that came back down from the same boarding place. Knowing he has produced just fine before and now doesn't just like in the case of the other dog has me believe it is the same issue. I told the previous owner before Wojciech to tell the new buyer to ask to see the semen paperwork from the vet before agreeing. I suggest if she did not that she does go get get him tested and if he has none that she contacts me and I will get with the University of Florida (veterinarian dept) to get the info to help her out.


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