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son from SG4 IPO3 Kkl1 Freddi vom Modithor
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2X VA1(Only BSZS VA1 in USA) Schumann von Tronje
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Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Pembroke Welsh Corgi
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any Pembroke Welsh Corgi owners from Spain?1.6 years agoPembroke Welsh Corgi
is the Pembroke Welsh Corgi forum dead? any Corgi people here?4.1 years agoPembroke Welsh Corgi
Please help, looking for pembroke breeders that don't dock tails4.1 years agoPembroke Welsh Corgi
Help our Dogs6 years agoPembroke Welsh Corgi
Being honest when selling a dog....6.8 years agoPembroke Welsh Corgi
Calloway??6.9 years agoPembroke Welsh Corgi
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UK's Biggest Doggy Party & Fashion Show7.3 years agoPembroke Welsh Corgi
Test Mielopatia 7.5 years agoPembroke Welsh Corgi
trouble adding sire and dam info7.5 years agoPembroke Welsh Corgi
Welsh Corgi Pembroke Fine Art Canvas Print7.7 years agoPembroke Welsh Corgi
Welsh Corgi Pembroke Jewelry Brooch Handcrafted Ceramic 7.7 years agoPembroke Welsh Corgi
USA Breeders leaving tails intact (no docking)8.1 years agoPembroke Welsh Corgi
My dogs dam won't show up10.2 years agoPembroke Welsh Corgi
Portuguese Sheepdog11.2 years agoPembroke Welsh Corgi

The History

Clarion Of Cwmrhairdr born on May 28, 1931
ENG CH Clarion Of Cwmrhairdr
Bud Of Bentra born on Mar 19, 1943
ENG IR CH Bud Of Bentra

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Is a Raw Food Diet Right for Your Dog?

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Recently added pedigrees

Corwen's Farmhouse Laycoo

Corwen's Farmhouse Laycoo

Inserted:49 minutes ago
Male (2808297)
Father: Lutek Gaucho
Mother: No information about the Dam
Created by twentyoaks
Jantra vom Old Tom

Jantra vom Old Tom

Inserted:51 minutes ago
Female (2808294)
Father: V Bolero
Mother: Goldy Flower Bob vom Jerichower Land (NB)
Created by twentyoaks
Laif Spring Yalta

Laif Spring Yalta

Inserted:65 minutes ago
Female (2808285)
Father: JCHR,CHR Vuedor Skyfall
Mother: No information about the Dam
Created by twentyoaks
Academia Canis Bentley

Academia Canis Bentley

Inserted:75 minutes ago
Female (2808277)
Quo Vadis Pipa

Quo Vadis Pipa

Inserted:81 minutes ago
Female (2808271)
Father: Corwen's Farmhouse Laycoo
Mother: Jantra vom Old Tom
Created by twentyoaks

Sample premiums

Pregnant Female: Direct from Germany
18:23 12 Oct 2018
IPO1 Kkl female--SOON IN HEAT ! CAN BE BRED !Sold out
18:12 05 Oct 2018
Bred Female: Sally, Direct from Germany
18:27 12 Oct 2018
Champion Bloodline GSD Puppies
21:41 15 Jul 2018
United States
17:42 05 Oct 2018
United States

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