Pembroke Welsh Corgi

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Soffi z Kraje Karla IV.
Female for sale

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ZW 74, IPO3, DM FREE, VA LABO son..
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Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Pembroke Welsh Corgi
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The History

Bowhit Pepper born on Oct 16, 1926
ENG CH Bowhit Pepper
Bud Of Bentra born on Mar 19, 1943
ENG IR CH Bud Of Bentra


Getting a Second Dog – Pros and Cons

Getting a Second Dog – Pros and Cons

Having a dog has been a fun and wonderful experience for everyone in your family. In fact, it has been so rewarding that you are now seriously thinking of getting a second dog. However, it is important that you really think this decision through, because having two dogs can be an entirely different experience from having one.

  • An Introduction to Clicker Training

    If you’re not directly familiar with clicker training, you might be a little confused on what exactly this style of training is all about.  It is a newer style (although has been known and used for many decades) of training in the sense that it took a while for dog trainers to really hook onto it. 

  • The Belgian Malinios

    The Belgian Malinios is also known as the Belgian Shepherd. However, despite its superficial resemblance to the German Shepherd, the Belgian Malinios is actually a type of sheep dog. Weighing in at 60 to 80 pounds when fully grown, and measuring between 22 and 26 inches in height, the Malinios is classified as a medium-sized working dog.

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Inserted:90 minutes ago
Male (2686979)
Father: Telman Haus Jet Set (N/B)
Mother: No information about the Dam
Created by assanee
Floris Cor Balzamin Waller

Floris Cor Balzamin Waller

Inserted:18 hours ago
Male (2686688)
Father: Mistycor Carte Blanche
Mother: Floris Cor Arnika Gold
Created by Floris Cor Balzamin Woller


Inserted:20 hours ago
Female (2686648)
Mother: Laif Spring Pretty Princess
Created by Lyudmilasavchuk
Andvol Mikluma-Maklay (n/b)

Andvol Mikluma-Maklay (n/b)

Inserted:31 hours ago
Male (2686430)
Father: ***
Mother: ***
Created by Vikyss9
Tima Magic Konfetti

Tima Magic Konfetti

Inserted:32 hours ago
Female (2686428)
Father: ***
Mother: ***
Created by Vikyss9

Sample premiums

Competition quality female avilable
13:26 22 Sep 2017
United States
16:53 02 Oct 2017
V IPO3 male

V IPO3 male

Male for sale
03:54 13 Oct 2017
United States
Drago Vom Patriot Daughter Litter
12:55 17 Oct 2017
United States
At Stud Import V FYNN vom Hulsbach IPO3 OFA DM etc
08:36 18 Feb 2017
United States

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